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This Embarrassing Thing Happens During Sex More Often Than You Think

You and your partner are getting hot and heavy when it happens: the most unsexy noise a body can make. Maybe it's enough to make you stop the action and want to hide from embarrassment. Maybe you feel like the only person in the world who has dealt with this. So is farting during sex normal, or what? You know you're curious.

To start, consider some bodily statistics. According to Buzzfeed, the average human farts about 14 times a day. And, according to Statistic Brain, the average sexual encounter takes about a half hour — including foreplay. Basically, the odds of these two acts lining up at some point is pretty good, especially if you're trying to get all romantic after a heavy meal.

So to be brief, the answer is yes. Of course it's normal to fart during sex. According to WebMD, sex puts a lot of pressure on the rectum. If gas is present, it's likely to come on out. Farting during sex happens pretty regularly to loads of people.

In fact, some people experience them particularly when climaxing. As noted on sex educator Betty Dodson's website, if a person has to bear down on the muscles during sex, some gas might escape. (Hey, it isn't like the pelvic area is all that far from the digestive tract, anyway. They're basically neighbors.)

Now that the normalcy of this experience has been established, it's on to the second part of the conundrum: dealing with farts during sex. The first, and perhaps easiest, line of defense is to ignore it. Maybe your partner won't even notice? And if it does not escape detection, then try to laugh it off. Seriously, sex involves some pretty weird positions and facial expressions anyway, so you might as well learn to laugh at this additional bit of silliness.

That said, if you'd like to decrease the chances of farting during sex, then there are a few steps to take. It's a noble cause. For starters, examine your diet. Many foods, from cruciferous vegetables to milk products, are common fart-causers, according to Thrillist. Food allergies are another possibility worth examining. Try the process of elimination to find the food culprit.

If the food trial doesn't help, or you're simply unwilling to give up cheese no matter the cost (no judgement), then use protection before having sex. In this case, protection means a gas remedy. Ginger, chamomile, and peppermint are all recommended as home remedies for gas, according to Everyday Health. Lastly, your local pharmacy probably has a ton of gas relief medicines, from Beano to Gas-X. Hopefully you can find a remedy that works with your body. But if all else fails, just laugh. Hey, a sense of humor is always sexy.