Is 'Fighting With My Family' Appropriate For Kids Under 10? It's A Tough Call

There's no better activity for a rainy day, than taking the family to a movie — popcorn, candy, and hopefully a flick that everyone will enjoy. But with all the adult themes hitting theaters this month, it's best to investigate before buying those tickets. Is Fighting with My Family appropriate for children under 10? It depends on the parent and the kid.

Fighting with My Family follows the lives of a former wrestler and her family as they strive to make a living performing in small towns across the country, according to Variety. Brother (Zak) and sister (Paige) are faced with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to audition for the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), and that's when things take a dramatic turn. Only Paige is chosen for the elite training program, and must leave her family to pursue her dream.

This is one of just many "based of a true story" films hitting theaters in the next few months, but the theme is unlike any other out there. How many children aspiring to be professional wrestler movies have you seen out there? And, it's very pro-women, as the heroine is up against the odds, competing for a spot on in a male dominated sport.

What makes it all better is that former WWE star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson not only stars in the film, but also served as a producer, so you know right away that the feel of the whole movie is going to be authentic from beginning to end. Be on the look out for knockout (no pun intended) performances from Wedding Crashers actor Vince Vaughn and Leah Headey from Game of Thrones.

While the movie has a MPAA rating of PG-13 for sexual material, language, drug content, and some violence, according to Common Sense Media, it's ultimately up to the parent on whether or not to let kids see this film.

Discretion is the key word, though. While the harsh language may be too abrasive for the under 10 set, the message of being yourself in a changing world may be perfect for tweens and teens dealing with similar issues.

Common Sense Media, a long-looked to site for parental advice on movies, says that the Fighting with My Family is probably best for "mature wrestling fans." However it doesn't say how old you have to be to qualify as mature. Any parent can tell you, that maturity is sincerely up for debate in all age groups. Which means parents, of course, really need to make the call for themselves.

Right now, the movie has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 89 percent, which is pretty decent. And critics from Nerdist to Entertainment Weekly is giving it relatively high scores, according to movie reviews on the site.

Fighting with My Family premieres in theaters nationwide on Feb. 14, with a run time of 108 minutes, according to IMDb.

While it might not be the perfect Valentine's Day flick, it's certainly one with a heartfelt message. And given that it's pegged as a dramedy (a comedy/drama hybrid) it might be just the flick you're looking for to keep it light and refreshing, as long as your kids can take it.