Is Food Play A Real Thing? 9 Foods To Incorporate Into Sex

by Meg Kehoe

When it comes to sex, there's something for everyone. Though you might not get to all the possibilities that sex holds in your lifetime, it's fun (and educational) to learn about them, isn't it? There are some acts you might not think are possible (not everyone is that flexible, and that's okay), and others that you don't think people really partake in. Take, for example, food play. Is food play a real thing that people enjoy doing? What even is food play?

First things first, food play is the act of bringing foods into the bedroom that can elevate your senses and heighten your arousal into the bedroom, to use during sex and foreplay, according to Kinkly. As to whether or not food play is actually a thing that people enjoy? You bet it is.

If you're a newbie when it comes to food play, you might be a little overwhelmed when thinking of where to start. After all, you've got an entire fridge full of food, how do you know which snacks to bring into the bedroom? Selecting a sexy menu can be tricky, but it doesn't have to be. Kinkly recommended relying on your senses when choosing foods to bring into the bedroom. Take into consideration that smell, taste, and texture, will all play a part in your foray into the world of food play. Still not quite sure what to bring into the bedroom? Look no further. Stock up on the following list of recommended sensual snacks, and prepare yourself for a frisky evening of food play with your partner.



Probably the most popular of all the sexual fruits out there, strawberries are easy and fun to bring to the bedroom. They're light, easy to handle, easy to eat, and nice and sweet for the palette. According to Your Tango, sticking with sweet and light foods is the best way to play it safe. Savory and spicy foods can often burn or irritate your skin, and are best left on the table.



According to Cosmopolitan, chocolate can really get things ramped up in the bedroom, and take your orgasm to serious heights. Whether you're working with truffles, syrup, or a little bit of melted chocolatey goodness, you can't go wrong with this sweet bedroom option.


Whipped Cream

Though a can of whipped cream will do in a pinch, try making this addition to the bedroom a hands on activity for the both of you, and make your own whipped cream. It'll be lighter and fluffier, according to Men's Health, and perfect for foreplay.



Cherries are just as fun to bring to the bedroom as strawberries are, just slightly more intensive since you've got a stem and a pit to deal with once you've teased your partner with it. (Then again, if you can tie the stem with your tongue, it might just be worth the extra work.) Light and sweet, most fruits do well for foreplay, as long as you keep them away from your genitals. According to Shape, even scrubbed fruits and veggies can carry bacteria and microbes, so you'll want to keep them out of your business.


Frozen Grapes

Bringing all the shock of an ice cube with half the mess to the bedroom, are none other than frozen grapes. The shock of cold to the skin can electrify your body, so try keeping a few on the vine and dragging them down your partner's torso to get a rise out of them in more ways than one.



Play a fun game of hide and seek with honey and your partner's skin. Men's Health recommended readers take a bottle of high-class honey to the bedroom, and have your partner place a dab of honey somewhere on their body. The twist? You can't open your eyes until you've found the honey with your lips or tongue. Ooh la la. Sounds sweet to me.



If you're looking for a sweet treat to experiment with temperatures, look no further. Although frozen grapes can be good for snacking and playing, popsicles are perfect for leaving a trail of sticky sweetness for you or your partner to lap up. Just make sure to keep a towel or a washcloth on hand to clean up any excess, you don't want your sheets getting too sticky.


Candy Necklaces

Taking a candy necklace and using it for foreplay is a perfect way to get things going, according to Cosmopolitan. Feeling frisky? Try wearing it as a garter around your leg and letting your partner go to town.



If there's anything better than a little bubbly in the bedroom, I've yet to discover it. Sipping and kissing will get your senses (and your lips and tongue) tingling. Men's Health recommended readers pour a little Champagne down their body and let their partner hop on cleanup patrol. You'll be floating and feeling frisky after a glass or two.