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The Plot Of 'From Friend To Fiance' Sure Sounds Familiar

by Esme Mazzeo

Hallmark Channel's Countdown To Summer spring movie event is in full swing, and just based on the title of the latest offering I want to know — is From Friend To Fiancé is based on a true story? If it is it's going to be really juicy. History makes love extra complicated, whether it's platonic history or not.

Sadly, neither the trailer or the synopsis of the film suggest that it's based on two specific people and their love story. But's a popular trope in Hollywood, and From Friend To Fiancé seems to take inspiration from some of my favorite comedies. The most obvious source is the 1997 classic My Best Friend's Wedding starring Julia Roberts as Julianne Potter, a woman who sets out to win her best friend Michael's (Dermot Mulroney) heart after he reveals he's engaged.

In Hallmark's movie, Jocelyn Hudon stars as Jess whose best friend Ted (Ryan Paevey) reveals similarly startling engagement news. I'm not sure how quickly Jess will realize she's in love with Ted, but it is bound to get messy — and fast — because Jess is asked to be the Best Woman. This, apparently, means she is also required to help with the planning of the wedding. You see why I'm also getting vibes from 2001's The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey, right?

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A combination of these two movies is totally enough to draw me in, but I'm not finished yet. See, Ted's fiancé in the movie is Kimberly Kentwood, who happens to be Jess' high school rival and is described in Hallmark's official synopsis as a "mean girl." You see where I'm going, right? Yep, I'm thinking there is a touch of Mean Girls inspiration in From Friend To Fiancé and I'm not mad about that at all.

No matter how she feels about Kimberly, Jess tries to help Ted plan the perfect day. But, just based on a 30-second trailer I know her feelings are going to complicate things. "Ted is everything a girl could want in a partner," she says in one snippet. "Wow, I mean, if you're into the whole tall, handsome, smart, funny kind of thing."

So, it's not a secret to anyone except maybe Jess and Ted that this wedding planning thing will not end well for someone. It's unclear for sure who that will be, though devoted Hallmarkies can probably make a very educated guess. But fans don't even care that the ending is probably going to be predictable, they're just excited to watch.

I don't blame them. There is a reason classic storylines earn the name classic, and "friends to lovers" is definitely one of my favorite storylines to watch unfold. Ted and Jess were neighbors growing up, so there will be tons of history to draw on and I'm hoping for some flashbacks. I'm curling up on my couch to watch Saturday May 25 at 9 p.m. ET. I'll probably bring some ice cream with me because I definitely won't be falling in love with one of my neighbors anytime soon.