Actually, Peeing A Lot Can Be A Sign Of Pregnancy

by Cat Bowen

Your body likes to hint that you're pregnant in all sorts of confusing ways. Unfortunately, it also sends similar hints out for ovulation, PMS, and eating too much sugar. How do you tell what's what? For instance, is having to pee a lot a sign of pregnancy, or a sign that your La Croix addiction has gotten out of hand. Perhaps it's both?

There are myriad signs and symptoms of early pregnancy, according to the Mayo Clinic, but most arrive after you've missed your period, which is probably why "missed period" is the first listed symptom of pregnancy. I feel like that's too obvious when I am trying to conceive. I'm a disbeliever — I'd easily chalk that up to stress. Sure, I'd take the test the next day, but I'm a worrier who needs a good 24 hours of inane internet research and rumination to fuel my anxiety. I want to know if the slightest feel I'm feeling is because I've become pregnant. Down to things like, "The voice of the Dos Equis guy is kind of turning me on. Is that a sign of pregnancy? Will my baby be the next most interesting man in the world?" Obviously.

If you feel like you're hitting up the restroom a lot, you're probably starting to wonder if it's time to test. In the event that you haven't missed your period, you should know that according to the Mayo Clinic, frequent urination is definitely a possible sign of early pregnancy. All that blood flow and hormonal upheaval is tap dancing on your bladder with increasingly frequent speed.

You may also have tender breasts, find yourself exhausted in the middle of the day, and really regretting your decision to have the car detailer spray your interior with "strawberry fresh" which now smells of "fruity regret" because it's making you so very nauseated, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

But hey, you'll need some of that time to pee when you're taking your pregnancy test, so, silver lining?