Is Hillary Clinton Watching The Fourth Republican Debate? Maybe Not, But Her Team’s Twitter Commentary Will Likely Be Totally On-Point

Millions of Americans will be tuning in to watch the fourth GOP presidential debate Tuesday, but will the likely Democratic nominee be one of them? Will Hillary Clinton be watching the Republican debate, and possibly more importantly, what kind of reaction can we expect to see on on Hillary’s Twitter account this time around? Clinton might not actually watch the debates herself in real-time (waiting instead to watch clips and read media stories after the fact) but that doesn’t mean we won’t see live-tweeted responses posted to her feed throughout the broadcast. While we’ll probably have to wait until the next debate (or her next late night talk show appearance) to hear from Clinton directly, we can definitely expect her team to chime in on the Republican candidates’ opinions on hot-button topics like healthcare and taxes as they arise. In fact, if previous Republican debates have taught us anything about Hillary Clinton’s Brooklyn-based campaign team, it’s that they definitely know how to throw down in 140 characters.

Hillary Clinton’s Twitter feed has been a great source of entertaining and thought-provoking quips throughout the campaign, and well-placed tweets have been a popular way for the Clinton team to call out Republican candidates on their policies and (sometimes-questionable) remarks.

Remember this gem, in response to Donald Trump’s backpedaling commentary on Carly Fiorina’s appearance?

But Twitter isn’t the only place we’ve been able to get some great commentary from the presidential hopeful and her campaign aides. Clinton has also been fairly active on the media circuit as of late and has been gaining plenty of applause from audiences as she makes the rounds. She’s done the Whip and Nae Nae with Ellen, took a stab at playing a bartender in a Saturday Night Live skit, and even impersonated Donald Trump on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. And she’s also won over audiences with her serious opinions on policy issues. While discussing her take on Wall Street bailouts and the need to keep big banks accountable during her first visit to The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on October 27, one night ahead of the third GOP debate, Colbert asked Clinton directly if she thought big banks should be allowed to fail. Her response?

“Yes. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes…They have to know — their shareholders have to know — that yes, they will fail. And if they’re too big to fail, then under my plan, and others that have been proposed, they may have to be broken up. Because if you can’t manage it, it’s more likely to fail.”

Whether or not Hillary Clinton ends up watching the fourth Republican debate on Nov. 10, hearing the GOP candidates discuss important election issues will surely spark a ton of discussion in the days to come — and one way or another, Clinton is likely to weigh in. 

Image: Scott Eisen/Getty Images