Hodor's Time On 'Game Of Thrones' May Not Be Over Just Yet

Winter has finally arrived on Game of Thrones and with winter comes the army of the dead. During the season premiere, it was clear the Night King's army has grown exponentially and he's picked up a lot of wights on his way to the wall. While many are worried about whether or not Wun Wun has a become a wight, others can't help but wonder if Hodor is a wight on Game of Thrones as well.

Last season, Hodor's heartbreaking origin story was finally revealed. After Bran made a grave mistake that led the White Walkers straight to the three-eyed raven's hideout, Hodor was left behind to "hold the door" to keep the wights and White Walkers from getting to Bran and Meera. Hodor was overtaken and left for dead while Bran and Meera escaped. Because Hodor was left behind, it's highly unlikely that his body was burned and with the White Walkers already there when he died, it'd be surprising if they didn't take the opportunity to make him into a wight, like they did with all the wildlings Jon couldn't save in Season 5.

It'd be heartbreaking to see Hodor turned into a wight, especially after all he's been through. It was because Bran tapped into Hodor's mind and into his past that Hodor was left only ever able to say, "Hodor," the shortened version of "hold the door." Hodor then died saving Bran and Meera. Hasn't he been through enough? Unfortunately, probably not.

If Hodor really is a wight that would be a rude awakening for not only Bran, but also Jon and all the other remaining Starks. Hodor was basically family and if Jon has to face-off against a dead Hodor he'll not only be surprised, he'll be devastated. Any of the Starks would feel the same way.

Dealing with the army of the dead will be difficult enough without having to face dead loved ones. If Jon does have to face-off against Hodor, or Wun Wun, he'll have to push past his feelings in order to kill them once and for all. Jon's love for the people he cares about could be his biggest weakness and the Night King's greatest strength. The White Walkers and the dead don't have feelings. They'll kill without remorse and if Jon hesitates even for a second, it could lead to his death. Again.

Hopefully, it doesn't come to that and if Hodor really is a wight, Jon, or whoever has to face him, with be able to do what's necessary, no matter how painful that may be.