Is 'House of Cards' Season 5 The Last Season? Fans Don't Want It To End Anytime Soon


When House of Cards Season 4 premiered on Netflix, plenty of devoted Frank Underwood fans spent their weekends binge watching. If you've already finished Chapter 52, there's good news: House of Cards has been renewed for Season 5! Is House of Cards Season 5 the last season, though? It's unclear, but there will be one significant shift ahead for the show.

Showrunner Beau Willimon won't return for Season 5, Entertainment Weekly reported. Though it's unclear precisely why Willimon is leaving House of Cards, his IMDb profile suggests that he's writing and producing a TV mini-series, Jack Johnson. He's also credited as the executive producer on the documentary short Curt, and as producer on the documentary Westerly. Before House of Cards, Willimon wrote and co-produced 2011 political drama The Ides of March starring George Clooney and Ryan Gosling for the big screen. Since then, he's worked on all 52 episodes of Netflix's groundbreaking D.C.-set series. Willimon released a statement about his decision to leave the show, E! reported:

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Netflix also released a statement thanking Willimon for his work, according to Variety:

Critics met Season 4 with largely positive reviews. CNN's Brandon Griggs said that House of Cards found the perfect rival for Underwood in his wife. MTV's Inkoo Kang wrote that, despite that fantastic pairing, it's still difficult to root for HoC's politico protagonist:

Whether you love or hate Underwood, it's hard to deny how easy it is to get hooked on House of Cards' brutally dramatic storylines. Season 6 may not be a sure thing, but Season 5 is set to pull fans in all over again, and if that happens, a sixth season seems more likely.