Is It Normal To Have Vagina Skin Tags During Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body's changing at a rate you can barely keep up with. You're tackling uncharted territories every day. You think you've come to terms with the fact that your body is doing incredible things that you really couldn't even imagine it doing until it started doing it, and then something throws you for a curve ball. You find a skin tag on your vagina, and you start freaking out. Is it normal to have vagina skin tags during pregnancy? Though it may be small, finding any sort of abnormality on your vagina can be mildly terrifying during any period of your life, let alone when you're pregnant.

According to Health Research Funding, vaginal skin tags are common during pregnancy. For most women, taking the time to distinguish the small growth as a skin tag and not something scarier (like genital warts), is what causes the most stress. According to Health Research Funding, "skin tags appear as small, soft lumps on the surface of the skin." Over time, however, this tiny soft bump can grow in size. The site adds that skin tags are difficult to notice because they have a color that is identical to your skin tone.

Because your body is changing at such a rapid pace, with your skin stretching to accommodate that beautiful life you have growing inside of you, skin tags are almost to be expected during pregnancy. Especially when you take into consideration the fact that, according to Live Science, skin rubbing against skin can play a role in the formation of skin tags. As your body grows, it's only natural that your skin adapts, and changes. Live Science went on to state that skin tags are appear commonly, and that about 45 percent of the population has them. So if you find your body developing skin tags during pregnancy, don't fret! It's pretty normal.

According to Everyday Health, it's possible that once you have your baby, skin tags that you developed during your pregnancy may just go away on their own. However, if they don't, and you find them irritating (i.e. if they're in a sensitive area, or an area that interferes with clothing), you can see a doctor to have them removed. WebMD also there are several different ways of removing skin tags, and it's best to see a doctor to have them removed.