Is It Safe For A Toddler To Sleep With A Pillow?

When it comes to parenthood, it seems there is a "right" and a "wrong" way to do everything. Parents are constantly over-cautious about what they allow to cross our children's paths, and rightly so. After all, protector is all part of the job description. Sleeping is one of the most worry-laden areas for parents as it's when they feel they have the least amount of control. Even questions as simple as whether or not it's safe for a toddler to sleep with a pillow can cause you to loose your own valuable sleep at night.

To put at least one worry at rest, here's what the experts say about pillow use. According to Baby Center, most experts recommend waiting until your child is two years old before introducing a pillow. After that, they say, it's up to you and your child (since some children prefer to sleep without one at all.)

However, not all experts agree on the time frame for pillow use in toddlers. Parents noted that some experts simply state that parents should wait until their child is out of the crib and sleeping in a toddler bed, while others say use of a firm pillow in a crib is fine.

Obviously, it's vital to make sure that your child's pillow isn't too large for them, and that it's firm enough not to cover their face when they're sleeping, regardless of where they sleep, according to The Sleep Lady. Pillows aren't essential to good sleep, the same article noted, so it's really just a personal preference on the parent and child's part.

Since children tend to move around a lot at night, they may end up not even sleeping on the pillow throughout the night, making it somewhat pointless. However, many toddlers love using them — my three year old loves to sleep with her "big girl" pillow at night — so there's no harm in introducing them when the time is right.

Although there's not necessarily a cut and dry answer to the question of when to use pillows for your kids, as with anything in the realm of parenting, it's important to use your best judgement to ensure the safest sleep environment possible for your little ones.