Is It Safe For Newborns To Nap In Baby Carriers?

When you have a newborn, it's easy to be jealous of all the Zs your little one is enjoying. It just doesn't seem fair that babies get to snooze away, while you are longing for some serious slumber. But just because your bamabino dozes off on the regular doesn't mean your life stops. Managing you day to day activities with a tiny tot can be tricky, so you may wonder how to let your baby nap while you're on the go. Baby wearing may seem like the answer, but is it safe for newborns to nap in baby carriers?

Over the past decade, baby carriers and slings have grown in popularity. There are tons of styles, colors, and price points to choose from, making this baby item available to every type of new parent out there. Wearing your newborn around can be fun for both of you; you're baby is right there in the action with you and you can enjoy being hands free while still holding your baby. So is it necessary to draw a line at sleeping in a baby carrier? Depending on who you ask, the answer may be different. The experts are divided on this topic, so after hearing both sides, you'll need to decide on your own if it's the right choice for you.

The main concern for those advocating against sleeping in baby carriers or slings is safety. According to the website for The March of Dimes, babies should not sleep in carriers due to the risk of suffocation. They advise that if your baby does fall asleep in one of these items, they should be transferred to their crib soon after drifting off. On this same note, The New York Times reported that, "as carriers have grown more popular, their safety has been questioned, with particular alarm about bag-style slings, which have contributed to the suffocation deaths of several infants."

But those who support baby wearing and carrier sleeping, make a different point. As the website for La Leche League International reported, "many babies sleep better when they are in contact with a parent’s body." Meaning baby wearing is a great way to achieve this closeness at nap time. This position also considers safety as the foundation for their belief. When slings and baby carriers are used properly and all the safety guidelines are followed, it's possible to greatly reduce the risk of suffocation, according to the website for the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission.

If you're trying to decide if you should let your newborn nap in a baby carrier or not, weigh the information and risks in equal measure. Considering the recommendation from both sides of the argument will give you a better understanding of the overall picture, and guide you toward what you feel is best for you and your baby.