Is It Safe To Get A Brazilian Wax While Pregnant?

One of the most painful beauty routines that women have experienced over the years has got to be getting a Brazilian wax. Even after years of appointments at my local wax spot, I still dread getting them and cringe when it's time to take off that first wax strip. Because I've gone so frequently to get them, one of my friends — who was pregnant — asked me about my experiences and for a location recommendation to get hers, too. That's when I started to question: is it safe to get a Brazilian wax while pregnant?

To be honest, I've never seen a pregnant woman in line to get a Brazilian or bikini wax as long as I've been going, and I'm not sure if I'd want to get one if it were me. I've always figured that there were would be a few health cautions or just a heightened sense of uncomfortableness when it came to getting waxed while being pregnant.

According to The Bump though, getting a Brazilian wax while pregnant is totally safe and very convenient. Since your hair grows at a much faster rate when pregnant, your need to remove the hair from your lady parts could quite possibly be higher than it was previously. However, OB-GYN Cornelia Graves told Baby Center that even it's safe to get a wax during pregnancy, your pubic area will be much more sensitive to anything that tugs and pulls on it because of the increased blood flow. You will also be more likely to have more broken vessels and while this is harmless, they will be visible.

As with any salon or spa you go to — whether pregnant or not — ensuring that the establishment is clean prior to getting your service is especially important. And, if sensitive skin is your worry, try applying soothing lotion on the area you are getting waxed prior to and after your session to help ease your pain.

Overall, if you're still not at ease with getting a Brazilian during your pregnancy, be sure to consult your doctor for their opinion or just opt to shave instead.