Courtesy of Mishal Zafar

What To Know About Baby Sink Baths & Safety

by Mishal Ali Zafar

Before your baby arrives, you can get suckered into buying all kinds of gadgets and baby gear by the seduction of ads in baby magazines and in baby supply stores. When your baby comes home, however, you might realize that you just end up using what's convenient for both of you. Many parents end up ditching their fancy tubs, and opt to bathe their babies in nothing but the kitchen sink. But it may leave you wondering, "Is it safe to give my baby a bath in the sink?"

Jessica Zablan, owner of The Birth & Baby Company, tells Romper in an interview that it is absolutely safe to give your baby a bath in the sink, which is the perfect size for a baby, and can also help eliminate the wastage of water that you would experience when you fill a tub.

"It is also more comfortable for parents to stand at the sink versus leaning over a bathtub," she says. If you suffer from sciatica or back pain like I do, bathing your baby in a sink is definitely a much more appealing option. Plus it's easier when you have all the things you need laid out on the counter near you at arm's reach. Zablan suggests having everything on the counter before you start the bath — a towel, wash cloth, soap, rinsing cup, and maybe even a small toy.

Zablan says that while some people may think that sinks are unsanitary, as long as you are washing your sink out daily, especially after exposing it to raw meats, you should be fine. If you use a harsh cleaner like bleach or Lysol, make sure to rinse it down well so that the residue doesn't irritate your baby's skin.

Zablan suggests finding a sink-sized tub, like Puj Tubs, that can mold and fit nicely into your sink. It's also a good idea to make sure that your sink's faucet is not in a position where it can hurt the baby. As with any bath, you should also keep an eye on water temperature, to make sure it's not too hot or too cold, and always stay with your baby — never leave them unattended.

And hey, now you can spend that money you would've used on a huge tub to buy more of those cute hooded bath towels.