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How To Have Safe Rough Sex After A C-Section

For many women, the idea of returning to sexual activities after a Cesarian section delivery is daunting to say the least. Not only is your body recovering from pregnancy, but there's also a surgical incision to heal. Even if you're kind of into pain, it's crucial to let your body totally recover at this time. With this in mind, you may wonder if it's safe to have rough sex six weeks after a C-section. Some activities may require a little more time for healing, whereas others can be enjoyed right away.

In general, most advice about easing back into sex six weeks postpartum tends to err on the side of caution, and this includes women who have given birth via C-section. As noted by Healthline, women who have had a C-section delivery still have to cope with postpartum vaginal bleeding, as well as wait for the cervix to close. (Seems unfair, right?) Oh, and there's also the surgical incision, which requires gentle care. In general, women with a healing C-section incision are advised against any exercises or movements that might upset the healing area, according to What To Expect. So what does this mean for people with a rougher taste in sex? You may need to think outside the box a bit, so to speak.

First, it's important to define the type of rough sex you're considering. As with any sort of rough intercourse, it's smart to discuss everything beforehand and make sure you and your partner know the ground rules, according to the website for Women's Health. Maybe you're thinking about some light bondage, while your partner hears "rough sex" and thinks it means going to pound town on your healing area. Not OK. Whatever you decide to try, keep an open dialogue going, and be ready to stop if your incision or vaginal area is in discomfort. Now, more than ever, it's crucial to make sure you're both on the same page about expected bedroom behavior. You might not immediately return to your typical rough sex routine, even after the six week healing period is up.

That said, there are plenty of ways to get rough in bed that don't involve putting undue stress on your healing process. As your vaginal area continues to heal, you and your SO can branch out into other avenues. Nibbling, hair-pulling, and spanking can be considered rough, according to Thought Catalogue, but these activities don't hurt the healing process. During this time, you and your partner can use your imagination to (safely) spice things up. Maybe you indulge in some dirty talk while making a gentle and gradual return to penetrative sex. Maybe you can brush up on your bondage skills, or any other aspect of kink that sounds interesting. In time, though, your body will heal, and you can get back to any and all rough activities that bring you joy.