Is It Safe To Use Vibrating Underwear Postpartum?

When you’re expecting, it’s completely normal to think about how life may change with a little one in your life. Especially when pertaining to your sexuality and sex life in general, it can be daunting to think about what changes will occur. For example, if you enjoy using sex toys or experimenting, it’s only natural to wonder when and if that will go back to normal. More specifically, “is it safe to use vibrating underwear postpartum?” along with several other potential questions that may run through your mind at one point or another.

Luckily, with vibrating underwear, you actually may not have to wait that long postpartum. It’s important to keep in mind that every woman’s delivery is different and, additionally, recovering is independently based as well. Just because one mom may have felt frisky after a couple weeks doesn’t mean that’s the experience you’ll have. If you do want to get down after giving birth, however, you’ll want to wait at least four to six weeks for any type of penetration whatsoever. Mayo Clinic shared that it’s best to wait for your doctor’s approval, which is generally provided at your first postpartum appointment. You may be surprised to hear that doesn’t, however, rule out external play postpartum, according to Pregnancy Magazine.

As long as you don’t have any complications or your doctor hasn’t told you different, most women can actually safely have an orgasm and utilize external stimulation about one week after birth, according to Trimester Talk. This includes vibrating underwear. Although it’s a good idea to keep in mind that if you have any questions or aren’t sure if you should use vibrating underwear (or any sort of external play), it’s always safest to consult your doctor for advice moving forward.

Because all women experience postpartum life and healing differently, it’s important not to push yourself in an area you may not feel comfortable just yet. As a matter of fact, according to Baby Center, it’s 100 percent normal to have a decreased sex drive following birth. Additionally, it can last for weeks or even months, and if you’re not feeling up to being sexual, that’s just fine. On the other hand, if you’re one of the women who is itching to get things going again, external play, vibrating underwear, and general foreplay with your partner may be a positive and enjoyable route to explore shortly after birth.