Jasmine Is Living It Up After 'The Bachelor'

If you aren't stalking Nick Viall's contestants on social media for clues about their love life post-The Bachelor, you aren't living your best life. Or you have a job. Luckily, sleuthing the internet to find out what contestants are up to is actually part of my job description, so I am happily on the case to find out what the frontrunners are up to while trying to win my Bachelor pool. (Don't judge.) NBA dancer Jasmine is one of my faves and I need to know if Jasmine is single after The Bachelor or not. Unfortunately, it is really hard to tell what she's been up to just judging from her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

There are some clues — first of all, she is a dedicated viewer this season, which sort of leads me to believe that she has resumed her regular life after filming. Then again, she admitted that she couldn't watch last week's episode because she was moving and she doesn't appear to be on the roster for the Golden Warriors dance team (where she was working before getting on the show). But that doesn't mean anything at all. For all we know, she could be going home soon or planning her wedding right this very minute with Nick. They do seem to like each other.

Here's what we do know about Jasmine and her life. Read into it what you will.

She's Always Out With Her Squad

She Is Obsessed With Shonda Rhimes Too

And All TV, Really

Her Love Of Food Is Admirable

So, does live-tweeting The Bachelor, being obsessed with Scandal, trolling Shonda Rhimes, and dipping pizza crusts in ranch dressing mean she's single? Those are certainly things I do, all the time, and I am single. Then again, with the right kind of partner, one should be able to do all of those things comfortably as well. It's a toss up.

If Nick doesn't choose her as his soulmate, he's probably missing out because she's obviously the coolest of them all. Sure, she's a bit mean about Corinne, but she certainly isn't the only one to do so. When asked about her #SQUADGOALS, Jasmine told ABC in her bio, "RuPaul, Dave Chappelle, Prince. I would order pizza." With ranch, obviously. She also wants to be Olivia Pope. "She's such a power woman. Great job. Boss lady. However her love life sucks. Too familiar," Jasmine said.

It's pretty clear that Jasmine has a good attitude, even if she's been burned in the past by men. Single or not, though, she seems like she's just fine with her friends, food, and good TV marathons. Who wouldn't be?