Mom Of 3 Jessa Duggar Has Been Pretty Candid About Breastfeeding

In case you missed the big news, Jessa and Ben Seewald recently welcomed their third child — a baby girl they named Ivy Jane. The mom of three has already shared several photos of her newborn daughter via social media, as well as video introducing their newest addition. With that said, not much yet is known about how the Seewalds are adjusting to life with three little ones. At this point, many of dedicated Counting On fans might be wondering: Is Jessa Duggar breastfeeding her new little girl?

If Jessa's past choices are any indication of what she's doing now, then chances are, baby Ivy is indeed drinking breast milk. That's because the reality TV star has been open about nursing both Spurgeon and Henry in the past.

In April 2016, Jessa revealed that she was a breastfeeding mom during an episode of Counting On. The new mama brought baby Spurgeon along with her on a girl's trip with her sisters and sister-in-law, Anna — so that she could nurse him. During their trip, Jessa discussed that breastfeeding had made her hungrier than usual, according to Us Weekly. (Which is pretty typically for nursing moms, according to BabyCenter.)

Another Counting On episode from Spurgeon's early days shows Jessa wearing a nursing cover and talking about how she and her sister, Jana, recently decided to get bangs. (You can also hear the baby grunting/making noises from under the cover, too.)

Later in 2016 — when she was pregnant with her second child, Henry — Jessa opened up about her go-to baby items for Spurgeon. And at the very top of her list was a baby blanket because of its multiple uses. “It doubles as a nursing cover because it’s so lightweight,” she told Us Weekly. "They’re also super absorbent, so they’re handy for use as a burp cloth and for wiping up spit-up."

Jessa also admitted via Instagram that she wished Spurgeon would have nursed for longer than he did. In a reposted photo from brother-in-law Jeremy Vuolo, she preemptively fought off the mom-shamers. "That's my boy! Yes, he's 22 months old. Yes, he drinks water from a sippy cup, and yes, he still prefers to drink much of his milk/kefir from his bottle-- especially before nap/bedtime," Jessa wrote. "TBH, I wish he wouldn't have weaned himself early, and would've bf till 2. There, I said it.🙈) So there ya have it. If you are experiencing anxiety over this, please share all your wisdom and perfect parenting advice in the comments section below. 😇." (You tell 'em, Jess!)

Proof that Jessa also nursed baby Henry can be found on her Instagram account. Back when Henry was 3 months old, she shared that her second-born son suffered from a mystery skin issue that at first appeared to be cradle cap. "I tried a lot of different washes, and lotions and creams and things like that and then I started to figure it out that this was actually eczema and probably an allergy," she explained on Counting On, according to Radar Online.

Jessa went on to explain that they had to keep socks on Henry's hands during bad flare-ups, so he wouldn't scratch at his inflamed head and neck creases. She continued:

I’m trying to address what’s irritating his stomach and trying to eliminate things from my diet [to] see what’s up [with his allergies]. I’ve cut out all inflammatory foods: gluten, dairy, corn, nuts. It’s just a matter of figuring out what it is.

Apparently, the issue was eventually resolved and/or was treated. Because Jessa was still breastfeeding Henry in June 2018, according to a casual mention of nursing him at bedtime within an Instagram post.

And there you have it! Because of Jessa's history of breastfeeding her first two children, it's highly likely that she has at least attempted to breastfeed baby Ivy. But again, it's difficult to say for sure. Considering little Ivy Jane was only born on May 26, the mom of three hasn't exactly had much opportunity to address, specifically, how her baby girl is fed.

Whether Ivy drinks breast milk or formula, I'm guessing, is the least of the Seewalds' concerns at the moment — now that they have three kids ages 3 and under. Hopefully, they're all hanging in there (and enjoying those delicious baby snuggles, of course,) during these trying first few weeks. Congrats, again!