Fans Are Convinced Jinger Duggar Is Hinting At Her Baby's Sex In These Pregnancy Update Pics

by Casey Suglia

The Duggar family, comprised of 19 kids and two parents, has been letting fans and reality TV lovers into their lives with their shows, 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On. There are a lot of kids to keep up with and so many things constantly happening in their lives, which is why people want to know so much about them. Take Jinger Duggar, for example. Duggar is currently expecting her first child with husband Jeremy Vuolo. And based on her most recent Instagram photos, it has people wondering if Duggar is having a boy or a girl.

In early January, Duggar announced that she and Vuolo were expecting their first child together. Naturally, fans were pretty excited for the couple, especially since their show, Counting On, had been off air for some time. People are naturally curious about everything let alone the pregnancy of one of their favorite reality stars. So, it is no surprise that fans began wondering about the sex of Duggar's baby.

Duggar's Instagram post on Sunday only fueled these rumors. In the photo, Duggar updated fans about the progress of her pregnancy with a chalkboard drawing, revealing that she is 20 weeks along and her baby is the size of an artichoke. But fans seemed to believe that Duggar revealed the baby's sex in the post too, based on one specific choice of color in the chalkboard drawing.

Indeed, fans are thinking that Duggar is having a boy based on the blue-colored chalk that she used to write "baby" in. "Something tells me it will be a boy because your sisters have boys but I'm thinking girl," one commenter on Instagram wrote. "Blue letters so I'ma assume BOY," another commenter wrote. "I am guessing its a boy because the word baby is written in blue now twice," someone wrote on Instagram, agreeing with the majority of the commenters.

But this means nothing. As if gender roles weren't strong enough, people are only enforcing the gender binary and stereotypes by assuming Duggar is having a boy solely based on the color of her chalk. Duggar could very well only have a select colors of chalk and chose the color blue because it was the only one she had left or she simply liked how it looked. But this isn't the first time that Duggar used the color blue to write the word "baby" in a pregnancy update.

Just two weeks ago, Duggar updated fans about her pregnancy letting them know that her baby was 18 weeks along and the size of a bell pepper. Fans immediately took to the comments to also comment about the prominence of the color blue in her Instagram post. "Baby was written in blue but I really hope you guys have a baby girl!," one commenter wrote. "I say boy!" another commenter said. To make the speculation even worse, Duggar shared a photo of her husband wearing a blue shirt with the words "promoted to daddy" on it.

It is possible that Duggar could be having a boy. Women find out the sex of their baby typically around and between the 16 and 20 week mark, according to Baby Center. Duggar's updates are from 18 weeks and 20 weeks, so it is possible that Duggar already knows her baby's sex. But on the other hand, Duggar could be waiting to find out or she may plan on not announcing it at all, like her sister Joy-Anna Duggar did with her first child, who she welcomed last month.

Duggar has said it herself that she does think she's having a boy. In their pregnancy announcement video, according to OK! Magazine, both Duggar and Vuolo predicted their baby's sex. "I think it's going to be a boy," Duggar said.

Whether she is teasing fans about her baby's sex or just making predictions, her followers will find out the baby's sex soon enough when Duggar gives birth this summer. If Sunday's pregnancy update is any indication, fans have three months left to speculate until they find out for sure.

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