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Kai's Terror Knows No Bounds On 'AHS: Cult'

Even though this season of American Horror Story won't include any supernatural elements (supposedly), it may be the one that scares me the most. That's because it means that all the horror is real, and the premiere only exacerbated my fears. It starts on election night, which is traumatizing enough to relive, but that is only the first scene. From there, viewers were treated to scary clowns, cult leaders, and phobias coming to light. Oh, and the scary clowns also murder people. But is Kai a clown on AHS: Cult? Seeing how much he loves causing chaos, I wouldn't be surprised.

Who is Kai? Why does he have that awful dye job? Why is Ryan Murphy doing this to me? I don't know the answer to the latter two, but for the first one: Kai seems to be a cult leader, and while he's not a real person, the audience probably knows the type: angry internet troll. Only this time, Kai is not behind a computer screen. He was in the voting booth and now he's in the real world, trying to capitalize on people's fear. Murphy hinted that Evan Peters will not only play the fictional Kai, but actual cult leaders as well, like Charles Manson. Like I said before, all the scares in this season in AHS are very real.

Another very real fear? Clowns. Between AHS and It, I need to stay off the internet and out of the movie theaters for a few weeks. In the premiere of the show, clowns started terrorizing Ally (a woman who has PTSD due to the election). At the end of the episode, Ally's neighbors are claimed to have died by murder suicide... but her son Ozzy swears he saw clowns do the deed. Seeing as Kai is the cult leader, I wonder if he's the ringmaster for those clowns. It would make sense. Kai gleefully does things like try to lift protective laws of minorities and throwing urine condoms at people, so naturally, putting on clown makeup and killing people is the next step.

Ally, though, does have PTSD. It's confirmed that some things she sees aren't really there, like her trypophobia. So, are those clowns actually there, or just part of Ally's trauma? Seeing as her neighbors actually died, I'm compelled to say they are real — but I know that as the season unfolds further, viewers will know for certain. Besides the clown theory, there is another Kai theory lurking the depths of the internet: whether he's the father of Oz, Ally's child with her wife, Ivy. Oz's father comes into question when Winter is babysitting him and asks if he knows who his biological parents are. If nothing else, this hints that the identity of Oz's parents plays a role this season.

Is this why Kai seems to be obsessed with Ally, and wants to terrorize her the most? I feel like it would be a bit much to go after someone as a killer clown just because of their political views (Kai was happy Trump won, Ally wasn't), especially given that Murphy says the election serves as a catalyst for this season as opposed to part of the plot, so there may be something bigger going on. If Oz is Kai's son, perhaps he's plotting his mothers' deaths in order to get the child back. Ergo, Kai became a clown — just what one of Oz's moms is afraid of — and is attempting to murder her.

As always with new AHS seasons, there are a lot of rumors about what's actually going to go down this season, so I may be completely off. I am certain of one thing, though: I'm already sick of clowns, whether Kai is one or not.