Karine & Paul Might Be Facing A New Challenge On '90 Day Fiance'

On 90 Day Fiancé, Paul Staehle and Karine Martins have dealt with some extreme ups and downs. They've been on and off for the duration of their relationship, and were already contemplating divorce just two weeks after their wedding. But they seem to be back together now, and viewers have been speculating for months that they're expecting their first child too. So is Karine pregnant after 90 Day Fiance?

Rumors started swirling in June 2018 when Paul posted a picture of Karine to his Instagram account in which she appeared to be pregnant. It wasn't just the baby bump that tipped people off; after all, humans have stomachs that are often not entirely flat and that doesn't mean they have a bun in the oven. But she was also holding her stomach in the classic There's A Baby In Here, Not A Sandwich pose, so the possibility was out there.

Paul quickly deleted the photo, but quick-fingered fans had already taken screenshots. Those junior detectives then began to notice that Karine's stomach was suspiciously shielded in all of Paul's subsequent social media posts. Karine's Instagram account is private, so there weren't any updates directly from her. The mystery continued, but now it's been solved. Paul and Karine have confirmed that she is pregnant on the show.

But their relationships might still be uncertain. After being separated for several days following a fight, Paul received a message from Karine that she could be pregnant. She had taken a pregnancy test that came back positive, but then gone to a clinic with her mother to find out for sure. Paul joined them at the clinic, where the family learned that Karine was expecting a child. She was four or five weeks along. In a confessional, Karine said, "I'm surprised, I still can't believe it. Paul and I have a lot of problems in the relationship and now a child is coming and I don't know if I want to be with Paul."

The pregnancy might be a difficult one, too. Us Weekly reported that a 90 Day Fiancé insider revealed that Karine might deal with some unexpected medical issues. The source referred to what Karine and Paul had gone through as "horrible" and "horrific," though it doesn't seem as though any of this has been officially confirmed by either Paul or Karine. But the show has hinted at the unforeseen complications in a clip from an upcoming episode in which Karine has a sonogram while Paul looks on, saying, "All of this is a bad dream."

There isn't much more information available about what Paul and Karine are going through, or even what the status of their relationship is. Paul's Instagram posts seem to indicate that they're still involved, but it isn't clear what form that togetherness is taking. Are they still married? Separated? Co-parenting but apart? They haven't made any announcements, so viewers can only assume that they've chosen to remain married as they begin their family. But Paul and Karine's relationship has seen some sudden changes in the past, so fans will have to keep watching to see how it all turns out.