Paul Hebert/ABC

Dean May Not Be The One For Kristina On 'Paradise'

If there's anyone on this season of Bachelor in Paradise that the audience is rallying behind, it's Kristina. Let's be real, Dean is messing around with her. When this season started, they seemed like a great couple — until Danielle L. arrived in Mexico. Since then, they've all been in a love triangle and Dean can't be mature enough to choose one of them. This puts Kristina in a tough spot, and last week Bachelor Nation saw how hurt her feelings were. So is Kristina single after Bachelor in Paradise? She and Dean don't seem all that in love right now.

It seems so long ago now, but Dean and Kristina hit it off almost immediately. They both bonded over their unconventional family lives — Kristina being adopted from Russia and Dean having an eccentric father. During the filming break, Dean and Kristina traveled together to her hometown of Kentucky; they also went to Chicago together. Once filming resumed, they seemed like a happy couple. They were on the road to achieve Carly and Evan status when Danielle L. came to Paradise. I'm going to be real, once Danielle showed up, Dean seemed to become a totally different person and not someone I'd necessarily want to see Kristina end up with.

Dean keeps flip-flopping between Kristina and Danielle. During a confessional, Dean called Kristina more "perceptive and smart and interesting," but Danielle was "so hot" (as if those qualities are mutually exclusive? Come on, Dean). Last week was a breaking point for Kristina when she saw Dean and Danielle canoodling in the pool together; she even compared how she was feeling to being in the orphanage back in Russia.

Kristina wasn't the only one angry at Dean's behavior. Bachelor Nation as a whole seemed to come out and defend Kristina on social media. It's safe to say that Dean isn't the most popular contestant right now... so what happens with him and Kristina? If he keeps acting this way, I doubt they will end up engaged at the end of the season. Kristina shared a relatively recent photo of her and other Paradise contestants — Dean included — at an event in Nashville. Besides that, there's no indication on her Instagram that there's anyone in her life besides friends and sponsorships (get that coin, girl). Her love life will probably be on lockdown until Paradise ends, but rest assured if Dean isn't the one for Kristina, there are plenty of other Bachelorette alums ready to date her.