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Kardashian Fans Just Wanna See Kylie At The Super Bowl

I am going to just be honest with you guys and admit that I do not care about the actual football part of the Super Bowl. However, I am watching very closely to see if Kylie Jenner is at the Super Bowl to support her daughter's daddy Travis Scott, who is performing in the halftime show alongside Maroon 5.

Jenner has been known to steal the Super Bowl spotlight, after all. Last year, for example, she announced the birth of her daughter Stormi on Super Bowl Sunday, after keeping her pregnancy a secret for the entire nine months. This is the definition of a power move and I respect it. Now this year, Kylie fans (not to be confused with football fans) are speculating that Scott will take the opportunity to propose to Jenner. The devil works hard but the Kardashians work harder.

Look, I don't pretend to be able to predict the future, so I can't say whether or not Scott will actually propose at the Super Bowl. For what it's worth it does look like Kylie is at the Super Bowl — or at least in Atlanta.

E! News reported that sources said Jenner flew into Atlanta (where the Super Bowl is being held) following a celebration of her daughter Stormi's first birthday. So either she's just hanging out in a hotel room while Scott performs, or she's up somewhere in a VIP box watching all the action first hand. Now whether she brought her 1-year-old little munchkin with her or not, that's another story. I can tell you I wouldn't be surprised to see Jenner and baby Stormi at the show (er, game).

As far as everything else going on in Jenner's personal life, she has been characteristically coy. The day before the Super Bowl she posted a picture on her Instagram of herself and Scott cuddling on the stairs with the tantalizing caption: "Baby #2?" Fans, of course, went bananas. When one asked straight up if she was pregnant again, Jenner only responded with, "no lol." Girlfriend is just messing with us at this point, and we probably deserve it. That said, if she did actually announce a second pregnancy at the Super Bowl, I would not be at all surprised.

Another thing that would not surprise me? If Jenner and Scott were already married and she's been keeping that secret from us as well. In the Instagram post before that "baby" post, Jenner is wearing a ring on *that* finger, and of course fans have been taking this to mean that she and Scott are married. Hey — it's not like they haven't pulled a fast one on everyone before.

So look, who knows what's really going on with these two. They're clearly not going to tell us anything until they're absolutely ready, so maybe it's best if everyone just relaxed and waited for the big reveal. But one thing I can say is that these lovebirds seem to really dig each other. And this goes whether or not Kylie is actually watching football on Sunday.