Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Is Lace Morris On 'Bachelor In Paradise'? Season 3 Has Its First Cast Member

One of the most controversial cast members of this season's Bachelor has got a new gig. It didn't take much convincing on his part, but Chris Harrison nabbed Lace Morris for Bachelor in Paradise Season 3. I wish I could say that Lace agreeing to do Bachelor in Paradise is a surprise, but I think we can all agree that Lace was born to be on Paradise. I'd even argue that she was put on this season of The Bachelor to be on Bachelor in Paradise. Either way, mark your calendars because Lace is taking on Paradise and Season 3 just got a whole lot more interesting.

After Chris Harrison questioned Lace about her time on the show and her life post-Bachelor, he asked her the question we're all waiting for. It wasn't a new question for Lace — Chris had asked her the same thing when she was on the Bachelor after show a couple of week's back. Then, she wasn't as excited about the opportunity, giving a rather vague answer — but it did have a new answer. On Monday, when Chris asked her if she'd like to be on the summer show, she was much more enthusiastic about accepting the gig.

So is that it? Is it a done deal?

Well, THE Chris Harrison has spoken — so you bet this is basically a done deal. Sure, contracts could maybe fall through or schedules could maybe change, but I think that Lace is basically a shoe-in. So, start your brain engines on who Lace would best pair up with on Bachelor in Paradise. Personally, I'm thinking there's some good guys for her from Kaitlyn Bristowe's season. Can I get a "Harrison High-Five" for Lace and Chris Cupcake, The Dentist?