Craig Sjodin/ABC

Lee Could Prove To Be Trouble On 'The Bachelorette'

by Anna Rose Iovine

Veterans of Bachelor Nation know that every season usually involves a "villain." Sometimes more orchestrated and edited than others, the villain narrative is created for dramatic purposes. It's someone who's at least somewhat disliked in the house and wants to cause trouble. During Nick Viall's Bachelor season, that role went to the cheese pasta loving and nannied Corinne. Viewers may have already spotted who will assume the title during Rachel's Bachelorette season. The premiere didn't show much of him, but the season's teaser revealed a lot. Is Lee the villain on The Bachelorette? The promo made the audience wonder.

Not much is known about Lee so far — and the show only showed so much — but some news outlets have already dug into his history. IBT reported that Lee, whose full name is Lee Garrett, already stirred up controversy before the show even premiered. The 30-year-old tweeted that he was on the "#TrumpTrain" after last year's presidential election, and also criticized "safe spaces" and "sore losers." Lee didn't just vocalize his support for Trump on Twitter; he also declared himself a "meninist." His bio on ABC is pretty tame though, which is surprising considering the red flags on some of the other men's write-ups.

Lee's tweets aren't the only thing about him raising eyebrows. In the promo showed after the premiere, viewers definitely got "villain" vibes. He claimed that he was the only "country boy" in the house, and said he would not get along with some of the contestants because of that. Some on social media took that as code for racism:

It became clear, too, that he's not above sabotaging the other men to advance in the competition. He didn't seem to mind fighting with the other competitors in the mansion and seemed to thrive in drama. Considering his tweets and what viewers think about him, it's unclear whether he's necessarily the best choice for Rachel. Whether he believes he is — or whether he's "here for the wrong reasons," Bachelor Nation will have to sniff out as the season goes on.

Ultimately, Rachel will choose if she believes Lee is a good fit for her. Judging the way villains usually survive on The Bachelorette, he may go on a two-on-one date partway through the season before getting eliminated. Whatever happens, seeing how this round's "villain" narrative unfolds will certainly be interesting.