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Could Lincoln Be 'The Bachelorette' Villain This Season?

by Anna Rose Iovine

Well, every season of the Bachelor franchises has one: a villain. This year, there are already a few contenders after the premiere, Lincoln being one of them. Is Lincoln the villain on The Bachelorette? There's already a pretty gross rumor about him floating around.

The Bachelorette is a reality show, not a documentary, so editing is a huge part of how producers put the show together. This is true of the "villain" as well. Usually once a season, one contestant is subject to a "villain" edit of sorts to seemingly keep the show exciting and give fans someone to root against. On Arie's season of The Bachelor, this was Krystal, who turned out to be so annoying that Arie sent her home during a two-on-one date. This is usually the pattern of show villains: they reach an apex of annoyance and get booted during an infamous two-on-one date.

In other cases, the villain is pretty bad even without the editing. Who could forget Lee from Rachel's season of The Bachelorette, whose racist comments led him to feud with sweetheart Kenny only to ultimately be sent home? So, yeah, I'm not saying the villains the show picks are actually saints or anything; some are worse than others, and Lee was definitely the worst in recent memory.

Even though this season has just had one episode so far, fans are already speculating over who it will be this year. One choice is male model Jordan, whose one-liners may eventually cause drama within the mansion. Another choice is Lincoln, one of the contestants who Becca met on Arie's After the Final Rose. According to Lincoln's ABC biography, he is originally from Nigeria and "moved to Boston when he was a teenager and later attended college in Kentucky. He always dreamed of living in California and recently saw that dream come true when work brought him to Santa Monica."

Furthermore, "Lincoln would love to have a big family to make his mom proud." He's also named after Abraham Lincoln! From his bio, he sounds adorable — and Lincoln's comments to Becca on After the Final Rose were so sweet. " I watched what you went through [with Arie and] I applaud you ... for being able to put yourself back out there," he said. So why is he being touted as this season's villain?

For one, the promo for this Bachelorette cycle doesn't shed him in a great light. Like other villains before him, Lincoln is shown pissing off other members of the group. That's not a good sign, but get ready for something that may be a lot worse. Life & Style reported that Lincoln allegedly once had a habit of pooping on the floor. This comes from a (now-deleted) comment on a thread on The Bachelor subreddit about After the Final Rose." I don't watch The Bachelor but this is the talk of the floor this morning," a Redditor wrote according to Life & Style. "Lincoln used to sh*t on the bathroom floor in his previous position because he thought toilets were unsanitary. He was known as the floor-sh*tter and would build a mound of toilet paper and take a sh*t on it."

Now, this is the internet we're talking about, so who's to say this is not all... well, bullsh*t? Well, Life & Style apparently has a source of their own that confirms its validity. "I saw this guy with his pants around his ankles, with toilet paper on the ground, and he's going to the bathroom on the toilet paper... not knowing that the guy is going to be on a TV show two years later," they said. I'm not sure about this one, as tabloid sources can also be full of sh*t as well, so to speak. Whether this will be revealed on The Bachelorette has yet to be seen, but fans can certainly watch and see if Lincoln's "villain" narrative will actually unfold.