Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Is Lorelai Married To Luke In The 'Gilmore Girls' Revival? She's Not Wearing A Ring

Grab your coffee and books; it's time to head back to Stars Hollow. On Wednesday, Netflix finally released the trailer for the Gilmore Girls revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. More importantly we also got a release date of November 25, the day which was formerly known as Black Friday but is now Gilmore Girls Day. With the trailer comes excitement, happy tears, and also a lot of questions. The most important question of all seems to be are Luke and Lorelai married in the Gilmore Girls revival?

Although we got to see Lorelai try on her beautiful wedding gown in Gilmore Girls, we never actually got to see her and Luke get married. Unfortunately, Luke and Lorelai broke up before they ever made it down the aisle and Lorelai ended up eloping with Christopher soon after. Thankfully that marriage didn't last long and the last time we saw Luke and Lorelai they had reconciled with a kiss and were back together. With the time jump it would make sense that Luke and Lorelai are finally married in the revival, but some fans don't believe that's the case. For one thing, in the revival trailer, there's no ring on Lorelai's finger.

However, according to BuzzFeed, the trailer was reportedly filmed solely for promotional purposes so it's possible that's why Lorelai's not wearing a ring in the trailer. Also, Lorelai may not want to wear a ring because that's just not her style. With Loreali who can ever really know? Another possibility is Luke and Lorelai will get married during the revival episodes, which would be awesome to see.

Either way, as long as Lorelai and Luke are together and happy, does it really matter if they're married? Just as long as no one (looking at you Christopher and April) somehow comes in and messes up their relationship again, then it's all good. Unfortunately, we still have a five month long wait until we know for sure what's been happening with our favorite Gilmore Girls and the rest of Stars Hollow, but after all these years, five more months will be a piece of cake.