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Hallmark's June Wedding's Lineup Is A Solid Way To Welcome Summer

Wedding bells are ringing, can you hear them? Now that it's June, Hallmark has your go-to summer movie lineup with original movies all themed around — you guessed it — weddings. Some of the scheduled content has an eerily accurate feel to them, but with others, I can't tell if it's been adapted from someone's real life experiences or a totally made-up creation from a team of brilliant minds. I think the best movies make you wonder just that. Among Hallmark's current lineup, is Love, Take Two based on a true story?

I hate to break your Hallmark-loving hearts, but Love, Take Two is purely a work of fiction, according to a press release. The network has some movies created from true stories, but this one isn't one of them. I have to give it to Hallmark for making "June Weddings" an actual movie theme. Who doesn't want to kick back and watch wedding plans go awry? Sprinkle in a love connection — especially when it comes to second chance happy endings — and I'm in. The real life location is Squamish, British Columbia in Canada, though the town the story is set is called Pineville. Not much is real here, but that doesn't mean writers didn't use headlines as inspiration.

Love, Takes Two follows a producer of a wedding-related reality show competition, Lily (played by Heather Hemmens). She wants to impress the network executives with this particular episode and secured three couples ready to get hitched on TV, all competing for a cash money grand prize. All is well until one of the couples backs out and Lily scrambles to fill the spot to save face with the network. If you're afraid things are about to get uncomfortable, you're right.

Enter the ex-boyfriend, Scott (played by Cornelius Smith Jr.) from Lily's college days. The two parted ways 10 years prior, but now, Scott is engaged to Brynn (played by Tara Erica Moore), and they're up for taking that MIA couple's spot on the show. The prize is a lot of money, and the chance to highlight Brynn's business on a national level, so of course they're going to take the spot. Will it be awkward AF? Yep. Will spending time together filming rekindle sparks? Probably. That's the best part. Through the course of the filming process, Scott and Lily reminisce, visiting some of their old college spots, and those buried feelings begin to reemerge. If that's enough to get you to turn the channel, hold up.

By the time things appear to be on track with Lily's show, Scott and Brynn decide to part ways, leaving Lily to figure out how to recover from a major career snafu and those re-surfaced feelings for Scott. I can't tell you how this one ends, but even if it's all fiction, move it to the top of your summer wedding movies list stat. I could watch romcoms about reunited couples all day, everyday.

2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

So what if Love, Take Two isn't based on a true story? A lot of good flicks aren't. Likewise, some that are based on something true, or are inspired by it, can turn out to be a waste of viewing time. My advice? Take this one as it is. With a solid cast, clever writing, and scenic views, you won't be bothered that it's all pretend.