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Luann De Lesseps Announces She's Moving To Los Angeles

Fans of The Real Housewives of New York might have received a shock when they checked Twitter this morning. The Countess of Cabaret Luann De Lesseps posted a photo of herself standing in front of a stunning vista. The caption indicated that she'd soon be leaving the East Coast behind for the West, as well as jumping from one Real Housewives cast to another. But wait — is Luann De Lesseps joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Her Tweet would certainly lead one to believe that. She had tagged Los Angeles, CA as her location and written, "Big announcement: I love New York but it's time for a change. I'M MOVING TO LA INDEFINITELY! I hope the Beverly bills ladies are ready! [sic]." She added a sun and a smirking emoji to illustrate her point. But can it really be? Can you imagine Luann among the ladies of Beverly Bills? I like to picture her immediately bonding with Kyle Richards before they have an epic falling-out that lasts half a season, only to be resolved with a statement necklace shopping session. But alas — such a scenario is surely just a dream.

That's because one look at the date casts major doubt on Luann's big announcement. It's Apr. 1, a.k.a. April Fool's Day.

The artistry of Luann's little practical joke is in how potentially believable it is. There hasn't been a crossover cast member in the Real Housewives franchise yet, but the ladies of Beverly Hills have visited the Big Apple before. And RHONY cast member Bethenny Frankel once appeared on RHOBH to critique Erika Jayne's music video, so obviously the women are friendly enough offscreen. If Luann really was looking to get away from drama of the city, a cross-country move wouldn't be entirely implausible.

Luann's followers seemed especially #shook by the possibility before realizing it was April Fool's Day. Some were horrified at the idea of losing a RHONY OG like Luann, while others exclaimed that they'd nearly passed out at the prospect. However, there were a few fans in the tweet thread who simply wished Luann well on the next step of her journey. Yet another thought it made total sense for Luann to replace Lisa Vanderpump when she leaves RHOBH behind.

Luann's joke even convinced at least one of the Beverly Hills ladies. On Instagram, Camille Grammer Meyer commented with a surprised "Wow!! Yay!!" and some suitable emojis (clapping and sparkly hearts, for the curious). But Bethenny also got a laugh out of the situation: as one fan pointed out, she replied to Luann's post by saying, "And I'm pregnant with Tom's baby," which presumably pointed out how laughable the whole thing was. Luann complimented her joke with some emoji cry-chuckling.

Luann moving across the country to join another iteration of the Real Housewives is almost definitely a joke, but it's one that's fun to imagine. Would she have to up her fashion game to fit in with the Beverly Hills women, who wear gowns to breakfast? Would she become pals with Dorit Kemsley or Lisa Rinna? The possibilities are endless, but they'll have to remain in the realm of speculation. It looks like Luann is staying put for now.