Is Lube Safe When You're Pregnant? Pregnancy Sex Shouldn't Be Uncomfortable

Being pregnant doesn't mean shutting things down in the sex department. As a matter of fact, many women find they are more in the mood than ever when growing their baby bump. But due to hormonal changes, the weather down yonder can be a little dryer than usual. Which means you may need to call for reinforcements to help keep the lovin' feeling good and avoid any discomfort. But is lube safe when you're pregnant? Because you wouldn't want to use anything that isn't safe for you or the baby.

Now that you have a bun in the oven, you're more aware of your actions and how they could affect the little one you're carrying. Suddenly, the choices you make for your body can have ramifications for not only you, but your baby too. Since protecting your little one is something to be taken seriously, it's important to learn the facts about what which products pose risks. When it comes to giving your lady parts a boost, water-based lubricants are safe and recommended for pregnant women, according to The Bump. Which is great news for frisky mamas-to-be who don't want to forego getting busy for something as easy to handle as a little dryness.

A word of warning before you squeeze and slather: check the label. The recommendation of water-based should be strictly followed by pregnant women. Lubes that have ingredients such as glycerin, parabens, or fragrances can cause vaginal irritation and bump up the odds of getting a yeast infection, as Parents magazine explained. The same caution applies to other "homemade" lubes such as oils, petroleum jelly, and moisturizers. To avoid any unpleasant side effects, read all the ingredients of the lubrication product before use.

If all this information has you feeling hopeful but you can't shake that last bit of hesitation to lather, relax in knowing that the cervix is tightly closed, which blocks any lube from passing on into the womb, as Baby Center pointed out. Your baby is well protected by the mucus plug, which seals off the opening to your uterus, as What To Expect's website explained.

Don't miss out on a pregnancy romp because the moisture level has dropped —add a little lube to the mix for comfort, pleasure, and ease.