Your Favorite Contestant On 'The Bachelor' This Season Is Lucy The Dog

If you watched the first episode of The Bachelor this season and you have a soul, chances are your favorite contestant wasn’t even a human. Lucy, the “dog daughter” of contestant Catherine, came to work with her owner, and stole all of our hearts. So I’m wondering: is Lucy the dog on The Bachelor all season? Sadly, the answer is probably “no.”

First of all, the chances of Catherine lasting too long are slim. She’s already been pegged as the villain of The Bachelor Season 23. The 26-year-old real estate agent and DJ from Florida, thinks of herself as a high-end car, apparently — her official bio says she’s never gotten any ink because "you don't put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari." Oh my god.

Then, upon exiting the limo and meeting her potential husband for the first time, she handed the dog off to Colton and host Chris Harrison. Catherine then proceeded to spend the night doing the always-popular “excuse me, can I steal him for a second” bit four times. So yeah, she’s probably no one’s favorite at this moment, though I can see the producers trying to keep her around for a bit (you know, for the drama).

But Lucy is another story entirely. Here she is being genuinely flawless and stealing our hearts:

I guess she stole Colton’s heart, too. We already know the guy is a dog lover, after all.

Then again maybe Chris Harrison is ready to take her home. She got a nice stroll around the mansion with the host.

OK, OK, I’ll stop. Wait, just kidding, one more dog gif:

Clearly, Catherine knew what she was doing bringing a dog on the show. But as a dog mom myself (I know, I know — I’m sorry, it’s just who I am), dogs are a lot of work, and even if this is all fake and there was someone hired to take care of Lucy most of the time, I can’t see the mansion being a very accommodating place for a pooch. Besides, Lucy deserves all of the attention. Catherine, for all her faults, at least knows that: she made Lucy her own Instagram account during all of the hubbub, and hopefully she’ll keep up with it, because Lucy doesn’t often appear in her owner’s bikini glamour shots (yawn).

Even though Lucy didn’t take home the first impression rose (Hannah G got that honor) as she so obviously should have, hopefully viewers will catch at least one more glimpse of her in the upcoming episodes. If not, hey, it was fun while it lasted. And seeing as she clearly won over fans and contestants alike, maybe she’ll get a cameo at a later date, if Catherine can stay in the game long enough.

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