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Is Luke From 'The Bachelorette' Still Single? He's Keeping It Secret

Luke Pell has been something of a dark horse in the competition on The Bachelorette; it's not that he's a long shot, far from it, but more that his chill and reserve have kept him from making waves in the way of louder and more Chadlike contestants. Luke is actually a frontrunner when it comes to guys who might end up winning JoJo over, and it makes sense; he's got a good story, he seems like a nice guy, and he's not hard to look at. Now that the competition is narrowing down, it looks like Luke might start to take center stage in a big way. According to promos for upcoming episodes, JoJo just can't keep her hands off him. But now that filming is over, is Luke still single after The Bachelorette?

If Luke has a significant other – whether it's JoJo or someone else – then there's no hint of it on his social media. That's to be expected, because even if he has moved on to someone else, for the sake of the show he would have to keep it under wraps to prevent spoiling anything. If he did end up with JoJo, that would have to remain even more top secret. From the look of things to come on the show, even if they don't end up together he seems to be pretty set on JoJo as the one for him.

Luke jokingly called JoJo his girlfriend in a tweet, and while that's obviously not official confirmation, it does point towards him still being invested in his on-camera relationship. And the feeling definitely seems to be mutual. Entertainment Tonight was on set during the filming of the first group date on the show, and though that was early on in the competition, JoJo listed Luke among her top three frontrunners. It's no surprise the two Texas natives would bond as they seem to be fairly similar – down to their unicorn-themed intros to the show.

In a preview for the upcoming sixth episode, JoJo and Luke are all over each other, with JoJo claiming that she has no words to describe the "level of passion" between them. But passion isn't all they have, as JoJo goes on to say that they have both an emotional and physical connection – pretty much the whole package. Luke, for his part, seems like he's in just as deep. He tells JoJo: "Everything about you just makes me want more of you. More time, I want to know more, I want to know everything about you."

If Luke moved on to someone else, he moved on fast. As far as the show is concerned, he hasn't appeared to be invested in anyone except JoJo – no exes from his past have been popping up, either. If he is with someone now, whoever that someone may be, then he's not advertising the fact. However, it seems more likely that he's Team JoJo for the foreseeable future.