Is Margaery Dead On ‘Game Of Thrones’? Her Future Doesn't Look Bright

Our collective hopes and breaths were held as the final episode of season 6 of Game of Thrones aired Sunday night. It's always difficult to prepare for any episode, let alone one tasked with ending arguably one of the greatest seasons to date. No more than 20 minutes into the season finale and most viewers were left with absolute shock, opened mouths, a healthy-dose of denial and one lingering question, "Is Margery dead on Game of Thrones?"

It's hard to imagine Margery survived the fiery inferno that has subsequently made "The Red Wedding" look like child's play. Sadly, Margery's intuition wasn't taken seriously; her warnings gone ignored; her all-too-complete knowledge of her distant mother-in-law, Cersei, seen as fear more than fact. As Margery and the spiritual leaders of The Seven await Cersei's trial, her absence becomes uncomfortable; at least for Margery. Knowing that Cersei is aware of the consequences of her absence, yet seems hell-bent on circumnavigating them, Margery requests that everyone leave the chamber her trial is scheduled to take place. Little do most (if not all) of the trial-goers know, Cersei has planned an explosive ending to a trial she never intended to attend, and the aftermath leaves little to the imagination.

Unfortunately, that explosion led to the death of Margaery and her entire family (minus Olenna, which like, thank God). Margaery's instincts that were ignored — for shame — and now we'll never know just what she had planned for the High Sparrow (because she definitely had something planned for the High Sparrow).

Meanwhile, Cersei watches the city burn from afar and eventually took her spot on the Iron Throne. Her entire world will probably come crashing down because of it (Tommen is dead, Jaime is not going to be happy about any of her doings), so what does that mean for the rest of her time on the show? Well, there's a certain prophecy that is bound to come true. If only she listened to Margaery — the two would have made an excellent team.