Sonja Flemming/CBS

Mark's Showmance Could Get Complicated On 'Big Brother 19'

by Allison Picurro

Showmances are a major part of every Big Brother season, and Big Brother 19 has been no exception so far. They can be strategic or a downfall, and while most don't last after the winner is crowned at the end of the summer, some have made it for the long haul. One of the most interesting showmances of this season so far has been between Elena, the radio personality, and Mark, the personal trainer. So is Mark from Big Brother 19 single?

In just two weeks, Mark and Elena have undeniably formed a close bond, but while the shippers have dubbed them #Marlena, some other fans have noticed the possibility that she's just not that into him. The two have been seen on the live feeds getting very intimate, and aside from that, they just spend a whole lot of time together. Elena has been openly flirty with other houseguests, but to Mark's credit, he hasn't seemed to mind too much so far.

Mark seems to have been off the market when he entered the house, but that doesn't mean the people in his life are thrilled about him entering into a showmance with Elena. The friends who are currently running his Twitter account while Mark is on the show had some mixed feelings about their budding relationship, which may have something to do with how lukewarm Elena can behave towards Mark.

Interestingly enough, during Mark's cast interview, he revealed that his biggest downfall would be getting involved in a showmance, but he was cozying up to Elena within the first week of the season. In the same interview, he discussed what a fan he was of Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reilly, one of the most notorious couples in the show's history. Mark said he liked how Brendon stuck by Rachel in both seasons the pair competed in. The two have been married since 2012 and brought the first Big Brother baby into the world just last year, placing them in the ranks with fan favorites Jeff Shroeder and Jordan Lloyd as the rare successful couple to stay together after leaving the house. Could Mark be trying to find the Rachel to his Brendon?

Ultimately, Mark said that his strategy going into the game was to "try and read people and relate with everybody." He emphasized that he wants to be "real" and "not get caught up in stories." It's early to make a call on his gameplay, but so far, he seems to be abiding by his plan to be genuine. Big Brother 18 winner Nicole Franzel even called Mark "the sweetest guy @CBSBigBrother has ever seen."

Whether or not Mark and Elena's showmance is for real remains to be seen, but it has potential to eventually become the source of some drama, and isn't that always the best part of any Big Brother season?