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Why We Might Not See Millie Bobby Brown At The 2019 Emmys

The biggest night in television is among us. On Sunday, Sept. 22, the biggest names in TV (and streaming series) will gather for the 71st annual primetime Emmys airing on Fox. But there are some people who may not walk on the red carpet or show up to the big night. If people were wondering — is Millie Bobby Brown going to the Emmys? They should be prepared either way.

This is because there is a very strong chance that the Stranger Things star could show up to the Emmys, but at the same time, there is a chance that she might not show — and here's why. This summer was turned upside down (get it) when Stranger Things Season 3 premiered in July. The third season was filled with the classic twists and turns that Stranger Things is known for. And, of course, Brown stole the show in her role as Eleven. However, the show premiered two months too late to be eligible for any nominations for the award show this year. So, this means that Brown, along with her fellow cast and crew members were unable to get recognized for their very hard work this year.

This, combined with the fact that Brown is reportedly not presenting an award this year at the show, could mean that she isn't going to show up to the Emmys at all.

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At the same time, there is also a huge chance that Brown could definitely show up to this year's Emmy awards. Since it's the biggest night in television, one would expect that the people behind the Emmys would invite the ensemble cast from one of the biggest television shows currently on air. People love any excuse to see the stars from the show get dressed up, and the red carpet at the Emmys is the perfect place for them to do so. Elle has even called them "the best thing" about the Emmys.

It also doesn't hurt that Brown has been nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Actress In A Drama Series two years in a row. She's practically a staple on the red carpet at the Emmys at this point, and not seeing her on the red carpet this year would feel really, really weird. People will just have to tune in on Sunday to find out.

Last year, Brown was beat out by actress Thandie Newton for her role in the HBO series, Westworld. But she was still so honored to be nominated. "I love this cast and crew so much and I'm beyond thrilled to see how much Stranger Things has been embraced by our peers and The Academy," Brown said in a statement at the time of her nomination.

Although she didn't win an award, Brown came dressed to win in her gorgeous peach dress. Although she might not have won in her category, she was definitely a strong contender for "best dressed" on the red carpet.

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The 2019 Emmy Awards will still be a great show, with or without the cast of Stranger Things on the red carpet. But don't worry if Brown doesn't show — there is still a very strong chance that Brown and the rest of the Stranger Things cast will be nominated for a 2020 Emmy Award. Fans will just have to wait a year to find out.