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IDK About You, But I Can't Wait To See What Mindy Kaling Wears To The Met Gala

The Met Gala gets underway in just a few hours, so celebrities are descending on New York City prepared to polish and shine themselves up to their very best. One of the favorite appearances last year was from one of the funniest women on the planet, who struck a pose in a very regal, very serious crown. But is Mindy Kaling going to the 2019 Met Gala as well? If so, what could she have up her sleeve to wow the crowd again?

The actress has been dropping hints about her presence at the event all morning and finally confirmed her attendance on her Instagram Stories on Monday afternoon. She started out by posting a collage of all her Met looks from past years, featuring five gorgeous and glam dresses. Finally, on her Insta Story, she greeted fans in a video tagged with “Happy #metgala day!” by saying, “Good morning guys, happy Met day.” She went on to effuse that she is “so excited” about her dress which she thinks is “on point.” But then she kept it real in that way that makes everyone love her so much.

“You know what hasn’t been on point? My skin,” she said, explaining that she thinks the flight from L.A. to New York could have something to do with it. “But I do all the things,” she said, explaining that she drank so much water on the flight, and walked up and down the aisle to avoid thrombosis. Still, at 39 she’s dealing with breakouts, she grumbled. (Same, girl.)

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Her next moment showed her attending to that skin with a facial by Joanna Vargas in New York, who she called “my angel,” and holding an eye firming mask that assumedly she was getting ready to use. Truth be told, her skin looked gorgeous already, so she’s only going to shine so much more tonight.

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Last year, when she wore that striking crown to accent her white dress and long black gloves, Kaling came away from the gala with a funny story.

Seated next to Chadwick Boseman, who also didn’t have a date, the comedian said she pretended that the two were there together. On the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, she told the story, saying, “It was great, but I also felt like… I kept kind of trying to make it seem like we were together because he didn’t have a date,” indicating how she scooted up close to him and laughed at all his jokes.

The Black Panther star was not into it. “He hated it. He thought it was weird,” she told Fallon. “But I was like, ‘OK whatever, I’m wearing a crown. It’s fine.”

In 2017, Kaling made a splash in a gorgeous blue Prabal Gurung gown, but she again kept things honest by riding the subway to the event. “I took the 6 [train] from NoLita,” she told The New York Times.

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Kaling has been attending the event since 2014, according to today’s Instagram post detailing all her stunning gowns. So, understandably, fans are looking forward to seeing what she surprises everyone with this year.