This 'AHS' Theory Could Connect 'Apocalypse' To 'Asylum'

American Horror Story: Apocalypse is a crossover between Murder House and Coven, taking characters and situations from both to craft a story about the end of the world. But it's not without a few shoutouts to other seasons of the show, too. Michael Langdon revisited Hotel to free Queenie's spirit from within its walls, and now a few fans are speculating that one character could connect to Season 2. Is Ms. Mead the little girl from AHS: Asylum, the one with a flair for murder far beyond her years?

For those who don't remember, the little girl from Asylum was named Jenny Reynolds. She appeared in one episode, "The Origins of Monstrosity," that revealed her to be a pint-sized serial killer. She was brought to Briarcliff Manor after her mother became convinced that Jenny stabbed her friend to death with scissors. Though Jenny blamed the murder on an unknown bearded man in a brown jacket, it was clear that she was really responsible.

Jenny's mother abandoned her at the asylum, where she found herself in the company of the Satan-possessed nun Sister Mary Eunice. She shared some Satanic wisdom with Jenny, encouraging her darker impulses before sending her off to continue her murder spree. This theory wonders if Jenny could have grown up to be Miriam Mead.

The characters don't seem especially similar at first glance, but it is plausible. They appear to be around the same age, and they share the same cavalier attitude towards taking human life. Perhaps Jenny changed her name to Miriam after killing her entire family at the end of "The Origins of Monstrosity." Absolutely nothing is known about her life after the episode, so anything could have happened to her; she could have gone on the run and grown up to become the Antichrist's most beloved confidant. In fact, it might have been Jenny's encounter with the Devil in Sister Mary Eunice that inspired her to devote herself to Satan in the first place.

Reddit user TheDrownedGodd first posted the idea, and several other users acknowledged that it was possible. It would be a nice nod to a season that hasn't gotten many callbacks, and it would suit the tendency Apocalypse has for bringing everything full circle. But as a theory with very little evidence, it could be false as easily as it could be true. No one knows what happened to Jenny, which means her future could have gone in any number of directions.

Perhaps the most contradictory aspect of this theory is that Jenny and Miriam have very different personalities. Jenny was strange and cold for a child, like a little Wednesday Addams; she wasn't particularly effusive or emotive. Miriam, meanwhile, is incredibly warm for a self-proclaimed Devil Mama. She expresses her feelings strongly and cares intensely for the people she loves, even if most of her actions are outright felonies.

Jenny might have changed a lot as she grew up, but again: evidence is lacking. This is a fun theory, but it's one that sorely lacks proof.