The Reason For Your Toddler's Bedtime Resistance

If you're a parent, your to-do list is long and time is short. This leaves that tiny window of time after your kids go to sleep and before you turn in as the only time for you to cram in everything from making lunches to calling friends. But, in their continuous effort to complicate things, your toddler may be cutting into that precious time by refusing to go to sleep. If you want to know why you're in this nighttime battle of wills, you may be wondering, is my toddler's bedtime resistance normal?

Even if he's struggling to keep his eyes open,it won't stop your toddler from begging for a little extra time awake. And as painful as it may be for you as a parent, this behavior is completely normal. As What To Expect noted, the main cause of the pajama protest has to do with your little one's desire to assert his independence. Toddlers spend most of their days being told what to do, and challenging your authority at bedtime is one way of trying to control the situation.

Separation anxiety is another common cause of bedtime resistance. According to The Baby Sleep Site, your toddler may be dealing with a fear of being left alone in the dark. The Baby Sleep Site also mentioned, other important toddler transitions, such as moving out of the crib and potty training, can cause your child to have difficulty going to sleep and staying asleep.

According to What To Expect, it's important not succumb to your toddler's tantrums at bedtime, as it will lead her to believe that her crying fits will ultimately result in attention from you. You should also stay one step ahead, and anticipate all of your little one's nighttime requests, as Baby Center advised. You can be ready with water, her favorite lovie, or any other excuse she may use to delay the bedtime process. And as Kids Health mentioned, it can help to use a sticker chart to keep track of your child's progress and reward her for positive behavior.

Fortunately, this bedtime resistance is a phase and won't last forever. With patience and persistence, your family can work through the challenges and get everyone sleeping soundly again.