Naomie & Ashley Have A Tense Meeting On 'Southern Charm' Season 6

Naomie Olindo and Ashley Jacobs sat down for a tense glass or five of wine during the Jul. 22 episode of Southern Charm as part of Ashley's Season 6 redemption tour. The whole thing went pretty poorly, but viewers may be wondering whether Naomie is friends with Ashley now. If the interviews Naomie has been giving this summer are any indication, I think it's safe to say that the two haven't made up.

In a May interview with Entertainment Tonight, right as Season 6 was gearing up, Naomie said of Ashley, "She's just a scary lady," adding, "I’m interested to see what she said when [the group] wasn’t around her and she was just with Kathryn."

Last November, Ashley revealed in an Instagram post that she wouldn't be returning to Southern Charm for Season 6 due to "how unfair the editing process can be." Her bitter feud with Kathryn Dennis, mother of her then-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel's children, indeed made her the villain of Season 5. That's why fans (to say nothing of the cast) were so surprised to see Ashley pop up twice in the Season 6 trailer.

Her first appearance was at a party hosted by newcomer Eliza, who had invited Ashley in a vain attempt to get the gang back together. The rest of the cast was stunned to see her there, and Naomie was straight up terrified of her.

“She is crazy,” Naomie said in a confessional interview. “Just crazy. If you’re not scared of Ashley, you should be. You should be really scared.”

Naomie wouldn't even go up to the cocktail truck where Ashley was standing to get a refill; she sent someone else in her stead because she was too scared to go near her. In the episode aftershow, Naomie goes on to explain that, one night a few weeks prior, while she was out to drinks with friends, Ashley showed up at the same bar with a date. Naomie said that after many, many drinks, while Ashley's date was in the bathroom, she came over to Naomie's table and tried to ingratiate herself with the group. But when she got to Naomie, Ashley made a comment about how Naomie probably wouldn't say hi to her because she was "a huge b*tch."

At Eliza's event, Ashley tried to explain that she meant it in a joking way, trying to acknowledge and break the tension between the two. But all Naomie heard was Ashley calling her a b*tch in front of her friends, which didn't exactly leave Naomie feeling warm and fuzzy toward her.

This brings Southern Charm to Ashley's second appearance this season, in which she begs Naomie for a second chance over wine. Ashley even tries the tactic of asking Naomie for her advice on how to make up with Kathryn. But Naomie's only counsel is to stay away from the group. Needless to say, it seems like her walls are permanently up and she has no intention of letting Ashley back in. In fact, it seems like no one is open to reconciling with Ashley, so the whole effort might be a bit of a wash at this point. It's probably best for her to cut her losses and move on.