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Is Nicole Alive On 'Pretty Little Liars'? It Looks Like She Could Make A Comeback

When it comes to Rosewood, if someone dies and there's no body, it's best to believe that person is still alive. The rule still applies if the person died outside of Rosewood but their ex, in this case Ezra, lives in Rosewood. Hence why Pretty Little Liars fans never truly believe Ezra's ex-fiancée, Nicole, was truly dead. Now it seems fans were right to be skeptical because on Tuesday night's episode Ezra got a call from "Nicole." So is Nicole really still alive on Pretty Little Liars?

All signs seem to point to yes. Although Nicole has been missing for months and her family had a funeral, the same occurred with Ali and we all know how that turned out. The fact that Nicole's body never turned up is very suspicious and mysterious, the perfect set up for a surprise return and now with that strange phone call from Nicole's phone it seems almost a guarantee that Nicole will be returning to Rosewood.

If Nicole is alive this will throw a huge wrench in Ezra and Aria's plans. These two just got back together and are finally in a happy place. Ezra even went to visit Nicole's parents to let them know he's finally moving on. The last thing these two need is a blast from the past but it looks like that's exactly what they'll be getting.

Although we couldn't hear anything other than background noise when Aria answered the call from "Nicole," the fact that someone, whether it's Nicole or not, has had Nicole's phone this whole time is very suspicious. Even though Aria deleted the call and has no intention of telling Ezra it happened, if Nicole really is alive her reappearance is not going to reflect well on Aria. Ezra is all about honesty these days and the fact that Aria didn't tell him about the phone call (on top of lying about a lot of other things) will be enough to make them break-up (again).

Hopefully for Aria's sake Nicole is actually dead and gone. Otherwise Aria better start packing her bags because Nicole may just be moving back in with Ezra.