Nilsa Prowant Is Caught Up In A Love Triangle On 'Floribama Shore'

An all-new group of 20-something year olds have moved into a house together, and of course sparks have already begun to fly between a few of the castmates. When Nilsa and Kortni first arrived at the house, one of the first things they discussed was the possibility of hot guys moving in, and they were not disappointed. So is Nilsa Prowant single on Floribama Shore? In the premiere episode of the series, Nilsa revealed that she had gotten married when she was 20 years old to a guy in the Marines; she's 23 now. However, the marriage unfortunately didn't work out.

"We were so in love, and he was so good — literally, I thought he was going to be the guy for me forever," she said on the show. However, after Nilsa had a miscarriage, their relationship was greatly severed. Nilsa was left to grieve by herself when he was deployed only a month after she lost the baby, and then when he returned to the States, he reportedly cheated on her. "The guy I married just turned out to be not what I thought he was," she further explained on the show.

Since the divorce, it appears like Nilsa has remained single, spending most of her time with her friends rather than dating. However, there is one guy who showed up on her Instagram pretty often earlier this year. In the caption of one video Nilsa wrote, "No one misses him more than I do." The man in question is Jorge Hernandez, but based on his Instagram, it looks like he actually has a girlfriend, so either he and Nilsa dated and broke up, or they've always just been good friends. Either way, Nilsa appears to be totally available. At least, for now.

Since arriving at the house, Nilsa's eyes have been set on her fellow houseguest, Jeremiah, however, Jeremiah doesn't seem to be interested. Rather than ask out Nilsa, he asked out their other roommate, Kortni. Except he later revealed he wasn't actually asking her out on a date. (Sure, Jan.) Regardless, that ended as fast as it began, but Jeremiah still didn't make a move on Nilsa.

Instead, he went out and brought a new girl home: Kayla Jo. Of course, drama ensued shortly thereafter. If you're on Team Nilsa then you'd probably argue Kayla Jo definitely made some kind of gesture to Nilsa that basically began the whole debacle, but if you're on Team Kayla Jo/Jeremiah/Codi then you probably think Nilsa went after Kayla Jo simply because she was jealous. Truthfully, it seemed like everyone was a little bit in the wrong, but Nilsa has made it clear from the very beginning she was interested in Jeremiah, so it made sense that she'd be hurt by the fact that he brought someone else home.

What didn't make too much sense is why she took it so personally. Everyone in the house basically just met and while seeing Jeremiah choose someone else over her probably bruised her ego, Nilsa could've let it go. It didn't help that Codi amped up the situation by getting in the middle of everything and calling out Nilsa for being jealous. Things then went from 0 to 100, when Aimee got into the mix, annoyed at having to get up when she was planning on just passing out for the night.

In summary, it doesn't look like Nilsa and Jeremiah will actually be getting together this season, but with this show, who knows what could happen. Anything's possible, and truthfully, Kayla Jo will probably be gone sooner than she thinks.

You can see what happens next with this twisted love triangle when Floribama Shore returns Monday night at 10:01 p.m. EST on MTV.

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