Byron Cohen/Freeform

Is Noel Kahn Uber A On 'Pretty Little Liars'? Hanna May Be Following A Bad Lead

Hanna is on the hunt. Although no one believes her, Hanna is certain Noel Kahn is A.D. and she's now out to prove it. But could Noel Kahn really be Uber A on Pretty Little Liars or will Hanna find herself chasing a false lead? When it comes to Rosewood, everyone is a suspect until proven innocent and Noel's no exception. He's definitely up to something sketchy now that he's back but that doesn't necessarily mean he's Uber A. It's more likely that Noel is working for Uber A or is somehow a part of Uber A's master plan, whatever that is.

Although Noel is acting very suspicious and his involvement with Jenna and Sara Harvey (R.I.P.) definitely indicates he's up to something, it still seems unlikely that Noel is Uber A. That would be giving him too much credit. Noel has been gone from Rosewood presumably for years so how could he pulling the strings on the girls this whole time. More importantly, if he was Uber A, how was Ali able to blackmail him way back when. Uber A could've easily thrown something back at her that would've made Ali's threat look like child's play but instead Noel find himself bending to Ali's will.

Still, if Noel isn't Uber A then what exactly is he up to? It's clear he's looking for something by how angry he got when he was in Jenna's room, but what is he looking for? He stole the files about Archer from Toby, but it's still unclear why. Is it possible he's the one who killed Sara? Is he Mary Drake's long lost child? Also, why did he come back to Rosewood in the first place? There's so many questions surrounding Noel that it's not surprising that Hanna's wary of him but there's a reason Team Sparia typically handles the detective work; Hanna's just not cut out for it.

If Hanna's not careful, she may stumble upon someone or something more dangerous than whatever Noel's got going on. Hopefully Hanna doesn't find herself on a wild goose chase and makes it out of this manhunt alive.