Sonja Flemming/CBS

Paul Isn't On 'BB19' For A Showmance

by Zakiya Jamal

One major aspect of Big Brother is the showmances. It happens every season. At least one couple will form, though it's usually more than one, and you can never really be sure if their relationship is actually real or all for the sake of the show. Regardless, houseguests' relationship status before going into the house can sometimes change by the time they leave, which is why many fans wonder who's single prior to moving in. For instance, is Paul single on Big Brother? It certainly seems that way.

After taking a casual scroll through his social media accounts, there seems to be no evidence of a significant other in his life. However, that could just be because Paul wants to keep that part of his life private. Even so, thus far he hasn't mentioned dating someone, though, again, he doesn't have to tell the other houseguests about his personal life outside of the house. It's not like Paul is in a showmance... yet.

Paul seems to be adamant about not getting into a showmance. He didn't get in one last season and it doesn't look like he'll do so this season either. He's very focused on his game right now and his main goal, after Cody attempted to nominate him for eviction, is to get Head of Household so he can send Cody home.

Paul has always made it clear he's all about friendship, not relationships. If Paul gets into a showmance I, along with probably most of the fans, will be thoroughly shocked. He just seems much too focused on the game to let himself get caught up in a showmance, plus as Cody pointed out, Paul isn't actually all that loyal. Dislike Cody all you want, but there's a reason Paul made it to final two last year. He knows when to jump ship when an alliance is sinking and uses "friendship" to get people to do what he wants.

Never forget when he somehow got Paulie to be his best friend and they teamed up until the day Paul helped send Paulie to the jury house. Paul is only here for friendships that benefit him, and while it makes him a good player, it's not a good foundation for a showmance. Still, you never know what can happen in the Big Brother house. As host Julie Chen always says, you should expect the unexpected.

Find out if Paul becomes the new HOH on Thursday's episode of Big Brother at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.