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Is Paulie Calafiore Single? The 'Big Brother 18' Contestant Could Be Looking For Showmance

Now that we've gotten acquainted with each of the new Big Brother 18 houseguests (and reintroduced to the four stowaways), it's time to start talking about showmances. Paulie Calafiore, one of the new contestants, stood out right away – he's gorgeous, friendly, fit, and his brother is Cody Calafiore, notorious house flirt and the runner-up of Big Brother 16. So the question remains: Is Paulie single and looking to mingle in the Big Brother house?

It's unclear whether Paulie is already taken. His Instagram account has several super adorable posts showing the 27-year-old gym owner and DJ from Howell, New Jersey getting up close and personal with a mystery lady who he refers to as the "love of his life," but the most recent of those photos was posted in November 2015.

Right off the bat, a few of Paulie's fellow houseguests expressed interest in showmances (and bromances!) in the June 22 premiere. Corey and Victor, in particular, were pretty straightforward about their interest in showmancing some of the ladies of the house, and Natalie described herself as "single as a Pringle" in her intro video. Paulie didn't say outright whether he was or wasn't interested in a showmance, but his main focus is clearly on getting as far as he can, without letting relationships get in the way.

Quite obviously, there aren't a lack of ladies interested in him. Zakiyah commented right away on his good looks and her eyes were practically sparkling during his introduction.

One thing that could definitely get in the way of a Paulie showmance is his brother's advice. Though Cody was a known flirt while in the Big Brother house, he is vocally against showmances. He blatantly said as much in THR's interview with former Big Brother runner-ups and then repeated himself in Paulie's intro video, cautioning his brother against getting romantically involved with anyone. I'm guessing that Paulie will be inclined to take Cody's advice, given that his younger brother clearly had a successful Big Brother game plan, making it all the way to the final two during BB16.