Is Pilates Safe During Pregnancy? You May Be In The Clear

by Lindsay E. Mack

If you're a devoted Pilates aficionado, then you may wonder about the safety of continuing your workouts during pregnancy. Is Pilates safe during pregnancy, or should you take a few months away from the reformer? Take heart: you might not have to give up your 100s quite yet.

According to Baby Center, Pilates may an especially good for pregnant women as it helps reduce pelvic strain, restore balance, and strengthen tummy muscles, it may be. As further explained in Baby Center, you can even look into classes or instructors that cater to pregnant women. Parents even suggests checking out a Pilates video designed especially for pregnant women. As long as you're careful and don't push yourself too hard (maybe skip some balance positions, for instance), then your practice should be good to go.

Practicing Pilates may even make for an easier delivery. "Practicing Pilates throughout pregnancy, even in short spurts, will prepare you to stay focused and relaxed during delivery," Lizbeth Garcia, Pilates instructor, told Fit Pregnancy. It's all about the mind-body connection, so your actual labor might be less laborious.

There are, however, a few things to keep in mind when you're exercising during this phase of life. As explained in Pilates Pro, Pilates instructors may encourage you to avoid exercises that put too much strain on your abdominal muscles during this time. Fortunately, a trained instructor will be able to suggest alternative exercises that will be kinder to your growing belly.


What if you've never practiced Pilates before? Is it safe to pick up a new class when you're expecting? Definitely. According to Health Line, Pilates is a great workout for moms-to-be who have not previously exercised much because it can help improve your balance and back pain issues. Plus, the act of working out itself just might help you get a few minutes of relaxation.

As always, it's smart to check with your doctor about your pregnancy workout routines. But it's generally accepted as a safe choice for pregnant women. So if you're on the fence about Pilates, try out a class or video. It just might be a routine you'll keep up long after the baby has arrived.