Is Pregnancy Rage Real? You Better Believe It

Many popular images of expectant mothers show a lady smiling blissfully into a soft-focus lens, often surrounded by knitted booties and teddy bears. But for many women, the reality of pregnancy is a far cry from this idyllic scene. Instead of general contentedness, some women experience anger and frustration like never before. In fact, they may feel like a tiger mom before the kid has even arrived. Is pregnancy rage a real thing?

A quick search of the #pregnancyrage tag on Twitter reveals a torrent of lamentations from mothers-to-be and their spouses. Perusing the results makes two trends very apparent: pregnant women do not want to be judged for their choice of snacks, and comments about their size are almost never appreciated. But is this form of rage just understandable irritation from undergoing a major life event, or is it more endemic to the state of pregnancy itself?

Well, it looks like tons of Twitter users are onto something. As The National Childbirth Trust explained, feelings of anger may be the result of hormonal changes in pregnancy, and it is not uncommon for an expectant mother to direct this anger at her partner, family, or colleagues. Not all women experience this transformation into an aggro she-beast, but for many people, pregnancy rage is very real indeed. What is it about this condition that makes flying off the handle so tempting?

For many women, the fluctuation of hormones during pregnancy can leave them with a short fuse. "You may be irrationally angry with your partner one day, then a coworker may inexplicably irritate you the next," Kids Health explained. These mood swings are incredibly common, and some women just experience them as bursts of anger.

Hormones aside, though, pregnancy can be incredibly stressful no matter how much you're looking forward to motherhood. As Live Science noted, pregnancy is a time of enormous transition in your life, and practical concerns about finances, your career, and family life can cause tremendous pressure. And some people react to pressure by lashing out at others.

Overall, occasionally snapping at your SO for finishing your favorite snacks or losing it on someone who cut in front of your for the bathroom are not tremendous causes for concern. If, however, you are worried about your ability to reign in the rage, then meeting with a counselor may help you learn to manage your temper during this hectic phase of life. Just take heart in knowing that you are far from alone in your pregnancy rage.