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Here's What Publix's Hours Are Looking Like For Labor Day

Labor Day is designed to be 24 hours of rest. So it's a pain in and of itself when you have to interrupt your tranquility because you didn't get enough food for the block party, but you'll be even more annoyed when you're in the car and realize you don't know if Publix is open on Labor Day. Luckily, you can save the car panic for another day.

Publix will be open on Labor Day, per Holiday Shopping Hours, significantly decreasing the odds of a car tantrum for both you and your toddler. Their availability on Labor Day was a toss up, as the Florida-based grocery chain does moderate its hours for many national holidays. But Labor Day isn't one of the holidays Publix closes for, so you'll be able to stop into one of their locations for any dinner or snack needs you may have. But hours vary by store, and your Publix pharmacy may be closed altogether even if the retailer is open. So it's best to check your store's hours to be sure of the exact time frame they're welcoming customers.

There are numerous reasons you might need a grocery store on Labor Day for well, groceries. You might need need supplies for your kids' school lunches. It might be the day for you to tackle your weekly shopping as you kept putting it of all weekend and are now screwed. Or, perhaps your reason to grocery shop has nothing to do with restocking your pantry at all but is about getting out of the house. As Labor Day is a day of rest, designed to celebrate the efforts of American workers with a national day of no work, federal employees have the day off, including teachers. That means your kids are home and you might need a break from them.


Another reason for a Publix run? A lot of families bookend summer with barbecues, as hotdogs and burgers by the pool act as the official sign of a change in season. My family always hosts a big party on Memorial Day to begin summer, and it ends with a mirror image on Labor Day. The only difference is the mood of the kids at the second party; nine months of school looming ahead doesn't really put kids in a festive spirit. But food was a constant at both, as was the inevitability of a grocery store run when someone forgot to bring ketchup or the ice ran out. It's likely families across the country face similar situations today, so it's nice to know Publix will be available in the case of a condiment emergency.

I'd try to prep in advance even though it's open though, just in case things run out or you find that the entire neighborhood happened to run out of hot dogs at the exact same time. If you get your shop on a few days early, you can rest to your heart's content on Labor Day. It's what the day is for.