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'ASOUE' Season 2 Will Tackle The Tragic Backstory Of The Quagmire Triplets

Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events adaptation returns with its second season this March, which introduces, among a slew of other lovable characters, the Quagmire Triplets. Except, as viewers will notice, there are only two triplets: Duncan and Isadora. That's because their brother Quigley is presumed dead, a victim of the same house fire that claimed the lives of their parents. But is Quigley really dead on ASOUE? The books are full of twist and turns and, if the series winds up following them, we may indeed see the triplets reunited in an unexpected way. Warning: book spoilers ahead!

In the book series, the Quagmire Triplets are introduced in the fourth installment, when the Baudelaire children are unceremoniously dumped at boarding school Prufrock Prep. Duncan and Isadora bear an uncanny resemblance to Klaus and Violet, the two elder Baudelaire children, but that's not where the similarities end. Duncan and Isadora's parents also died in a fire, just like the Baudelaire parents, and the Quagmires also inherited a large fortune in the form of their parents' sapphire collection. And Count Olaf is chasing their riches, too, in addition to the Baudelaire fortune. Furthermore, the Quagmire children are in possession of the other half of Klaus' spyglass, which may hold the key to solving the mystery of their parents deaths.

In the books, we learn that, when the fire broke out in the Quagmire mansion, the Quagmire parents quickly placed Quigley in a tunnel and then ran back for the other two children. Duncan and Isadora made it out alive, but sadly, their parents perished and the house was destroyed. It's presumed that Quigley died along with them, but in the fifth book, The Austere Academy, we learn that the tunnel he was placed in connected to Uncle Monty's house. He, in fact, makes it through the tunnel and to the house alive.

By the time Quigley reaches Monty's house, he finds it empty, which means the Baudelaire children have already come, seen their beloved Uncle Monty murdered, and moved on. (This also means the Quagmire fire must have taken place after the Baudelaire fire.) Quigley is eventually found by Lemony Snicket's brother Jacques, who promptly goes off in search of the Baudelaires. While Quigley waits for him to return, someone burns Uncle Monty's mansion down, too, and he barely escapes with his life. He tries to find Jacques, but fails, and makes his way to the V.F.D. Headquarters to find help.

On his way, Quigley finds Violet and Klaus, but not his siblings, who have been kidnapped by Count Olaf. A romance between Quigley and Violet is hinted at, which complements the spark between his sister Isadora and Klaus. Ultimately, Quigley becomes separated from the Baudelaires and reunites with his siblings, only to be placed in mortal danger once again. (This is a series of unfortunate events, after all.) The triplets encounter The Great Unknown, an ominous sea creature, and that's the last we see or hear from them. No one knows what happens when a person is swallowed by The Great Unknown and so the Quagmire triplets' fate is left hanging in the balance when the books end.

Dylan Kingwell, the actor who plays Duncan, is also credited with playing the role of his brother Quigley, so we know we'll see him throughout Season 2. As for what happens to him in the end, we'll have to wait and see how the Netflix adaptation handles the storyline in Season 3. Thus far, the series has hued pretty closely to the books, which, unfortunately, means things look bleak for the Quagmires.

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