Juan Camilo Bernal/Moment Mobile/Getty Images

If You Need To Go To Ralphs On Thanksgiving Day, You'll Want To Call Ahead

Thanksgiving calls for a thorough grocery list full of ingredients that are pertinent to your long-awaited feast. Some staples are hard to forget like the turkey (duh), gravy, and potatoes. Other ingredients, however, can easily slip your mind and you may find yourself frantically asking if Ralphs is open on Thanksgiving Day.

The answer is, yes! Ralphs will be open on Thanksgiving Day, a customer service rep tells Romper over the phone. However, as individual store hours will vary by location on the holiday, the best thing to do is to call your local store before heading over, or at least have a plan b in place. You don’t want to pull up to the automatic doors tightly shut and your coveted ingredient glaring at you through the glass windows. Ideally, you’ll step inside a fully stocked Ralph’s and gratifyingly pluck your forgotten product from the shelf. You can also think of using this time to escape from the nonstop cooking and that relentless relative looking over your shoulder, criticizing your turkey-basking skills. Or if you’re already going full throttle, whipping up those sides and don’t have time to stray off course, assign the grocery run to a family member who you need to get out of the kitchen. They’ll be doing you two favors at once without even knowing it.