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Ramona's Romantic Outlook Is A Breath Of Fresh Air On 'RHONY'

Ramona Singer's pathological inability to so much as take a swim lesson without heavily flirting is actually one of her more endearing qualities. And since she's making a move on everyone from her swim instructor to her gay, married realtor (in front of his husband, no less), viewers tuning in this season may be wondering if Ramona Singer is currently single. In a visit to Sonja's new Columbus Circle digs in the RHONY Season 11 premiere, Ramona had no less than two dates planned for later that evening — so it doesn't look like the Housewife is pumping the brakes on her post-divorce rumspringa.

At the end of 2018, Ramona was photographed kissing well-known RHONY player Harry Dubin, whom all the Housewives seem to feel very affectionately toward, despite how many of them he's married and/or dated. But Dubin dutifully cleared up any rumors, telling RadarOnline, "No we’re not dating...she’s a good friend of mine." Like a man truly well-versed in how easily the Housewives will twist comments made about them in the press, Dubin was quick to add, "Anyone would be honored to date her, but I’m not." Nice save, bro.

"It was the angle of the camera that looks like we were making out," he went on to add, confirming that he has filmed scenes for Season 11 of RHONY. "There’s thousands of pictures where someone looks like they’re doing something they’re not. I didn’t know anyone was snapping anything."

So Harry and Ramona are platonic but what about another beau? The 62-year-old mom of one may be playing the field but, from the looks of her Instagram account, she's still very single. On Valentine's Day, she posted a vase of red roses, proudly announcing that her girlfriends were her Valentines this year. Considering how many eligible bachelors appear to be quite actively chasing her, it was honestly an impressive power move.

Last spring, Ramona's ex-husband Mario resurfaced in the press over reports that his mistress — the one that ended his marriage of over two decades — had been caught cheating. Asked whether she felt vindicated in an appearance on Watch What Happens Live, Ramona had a succinct answer: "I don't really care." She may struggle with her female friendships and learning how to tolerate being disliked, but Ramona has one of the healthiest romantic outlooks of any Housewife to date — especially considering the traumatic divorce she endured.

"I’m at a different stage of my life," Ramona told People in the summer of 2017, the last time she was seriously dating someone. "I was married for over 20 years, and when I realized I couldn’t make it work with my husband, I spent time dating a lot of different guys and not rushing into any relationship. Now I like at dating and love as an adventure."

Viewers and fellow cast members alike love to tease Ramona for claiming she's undergone a personal "renewal" journey what feels like every season, but her romantic overhaul is one that really did seem to stick. Ramona's living her best life in the dating department, and that's nothing to sneeze at.