Remy Danton's 'House Of Cards' Days May Be Over

Keeping up with the plotlines in House of Cards from season to season can be tough. But with the upcoming season, there'll be one less thing to keep track of, since Remy Danton won't be in House of Cards Season 5. Last time we saw Remy, played by Mahershala Ali, was in the final episodes of Season 4, with him and Jackie Sharp reuniting and deciding that he was getting out of politics for good. And who could blame him, after all the dirty wheeling and dealing he watched the Underwood's do?

It was time for Remy to leave, but definitely time for Ali to move on from the show. Not only is he in Netflix' Luke Cage, but he also won an Oscar for his supporting role in Moonlight. Remy Danton will be missed, but there will be a lot more roles for Ali in the future. So at least there's that.

Ali knew as far back as last year that he wouldn't be returning to House of Cards. He told The Independent that he was very grateful for the experience though. "I think House of Cards has opened [my career] up for me," Ali stated. "I just did my last season of House of Cards, I’m no longer on the show, and because of our conversations and being able to contractually move out of that series, I’ve been able to take advantage of other opportunities and get a sense of what was available for me out there."

It was also Ali's idea to close Remy's chapter. He told Entertainment Weekly, "I felt like Remy had said all he has to say. They were really kind about it, and we parted ways on good terms.” But some of his fans will be pretty bummed. There's actually a little cult of Remy Denton. Ali said:

I was walking in my neighborhood in Los Angeles, and every day, several times a day, people approached me thinking of me as my character, and that had never happened to me before. A lot of times people would say, ‘Man, you’re supposed to be in a suit,’ and I’d be like, ‘Yo, you know that was acting, right?’ People were calling me Remy!

Ali had been in show business for over a decade before booking House of Cards, and it was the first time one of his projects really blew up in a big (and good) way. Although having seen just how talented Ali is in everything else he's done, he was bound to become a household name at some point.

But to House of Cards fans, he'll always be Remy.